About AE Online Inspiration

Looking for a bit of inspiration online?

Here’s some of my current favorites (it ebbs and flows depending on my interests at the time):

  • SouleMama | Amanda Soule
  • The Purl Bee | Purl Soho | inspiring crafts (with excellent photography)
  • Zen Habits | Leo Babauta
  • Be More With Less | Courtney Carver | minimalism and simple living
  • Ordinary Courage | Brené Brown | inspiration for living an authentic life
  • 3191 Quarterly | I followed 3191, A Year Of Mornings when they first got started posting back in 2007. I loved watching their daily images unfold and I purchased their book as soon as it was released. Looking at their images both online and in the book was like taking a deep breath. A couple weeks ago I ordered their 3191 Quarterly and loved receiving the last three issues – it was the same deep breath feeling with a little more substance. I just got their spring issue a few days ago and I read it while eating lunch outside. I finished it feeling inspired and wanting more.
  • Pinterest | I tried to stay away. Really. “I don’t need another place to go online.” is what I told myself. Now I love it and am finding it to be a great way to simply archive and categorize things I want to remember. Loving it now. You can check out my pins here.
  • natural cook books | I’m big time into reading these right now. Currently I’m switching between The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters, Super Natural Everyday by Heidi Swanson (also love her website 101 Cookbooks), and Moosewood Simple Suppers. I’m even reading them in bed which is a whole new thing for me to actually be reading them vs. just browsing for a recipe.
  • Sunset | I get super excited each month when this home & garden magazine hits my mailbox.
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting | I’m a daily listener of the programming on OPB (includes programs from NPR, BBC, PRI, etc). It inspires me in all kinds of ways. Storytelling ideas are generated through things I hear on there regularly and I do lots of internet searches/checking things out based on stories I hear throughout the course of the week.
  • Uppercase Magazine | Their tagline is a “magazine for the creative and the curious.” This is a more expensive non-monthly magazine but one that I find very visually inspiring each time.
  • Keri Smith | Long-time fan. Her books. Her writing. Her commitment to her craft and her continual exploration of processes and the world in which we live.
  • Shutter Sisters | daily photo blog
  • [i]LoveLife | Kal Barteski
  • 770/Behind The Line | JCrew

These days a lot of my visual inspiration is coming from Pinterest.