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September 6, 2005

good stuff.

So, over the last couple weeks I was supposed to get tons of stuff done. I did get tons of stuff done, just not exactly what I had planned on doing. So it goes. So it goes. Tomorrow morning I head to Kansas City for the last "regular" CKU of 2005. ...

May 15, 2005

Looking back.

Working on organizing things in the studio again today. In particular, photos that are out of place. I have piles around here. One of the biggest advantages of digital is that I have no piles of photos. ...

April 30, 2005


One of my favorite words: rummage. As in rummage sale. After I took Simon to school yesterday morning I noticed a sign...Rummage Sale 9am. Be still my beating heart. I zoomed home. Said, "Mom. Rummage Sale 9am." The time was 8:50am. Always a willing participant and co-rummager, she grabbed her coat ...