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December 5, 2008

Weekend Creative : Felt Garland

This is a very simple, fun, inexpensive, low-stress project that can ...

September 26, 2008

weekend creative : documenting a week in your life

Next week, from Monday through Sunday, I will be documenting a week in my life with photos + words and I invite you to play along. (You could even begin today or tomorrow if you wanted - there is no reason it has to be Monday through Sunday ...

September 19, 2008

weekend creative : hand-drawn grids + repeated shapes

I like organized layouts. I have done my fair share of a variety of different kinds of layouts (single photo, artsy, words + photos, etc), but truth be told hand-drawn grids (where the grid is drawn onto the background cardstock) are one of ...

September 5, 2008

weekend creative : summer memory book

The other day Chris was on my computer looking through photos from the summer and he mentioned to me that we had done a ton of stuff this summer. Because I have been out of it creatively for ...

May 30, 2008

weekend creative : photo type case

This project is right up there at the top of my all-time favorite projects list. It has photos + words + re-purposes something old giving it a new life. Lovely. Here's the really ...

May 23, 2008

Weekend Creative : May CK Love Board Book

I received some requests over the last month for more in-depth instructions on how to put together the Love minibook featured in my column in the May issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Here's the basics: The Love album is made by BoBunny ...

May 9, 2008

words + photos : friday + weekend creative

The project this weekend is to create a layout using only words + photos. Maybe one other embellishment? That part is completely up to you. What is a story you have been wanting to tell? Remember this photo from earlier in the week? That ...

May 2, 2008

Weekend Creative : Mixed-Up Mini

Do you have bits and pieces left over from other projects that you don't know what to do with? My guess is that you probably do. This weekend the goal is to use stuff you ...

April 25, 2008

Weekend Creative : Just Be

Whatever it is you embark on this weekend, simply + truly be in the moment.

April 18, 2008

Weekend Creative : Tell Your Story

Meet my Grandma Cathy at age 4 (1931).  Last week my Mom sent our family an email that included the words ...

April 4, 2008

Weekend Creative : Hello Life Mini + A Hero Arts Giveaway

A fun little project created for Simon to teach/work on a couple concepts (this could be easily adapted for lots of different themes). We have been talking a lot about "experiences" lately how cool it is to try new things. Things to ...

March 21, 2008

Weekend Creative : March #2 : What’s Your Message

Remember back to that first Weekend Creative? The prompt that weekend was about seeing and putting a word into a new context - taking things out of their ordinary environment and creating something new in the process. As I was ...