A couple autism-related things.

I have received a couple emails this past week updating me on things happening related to Autism awareness and advocacy. Wanted to share them here as well:

1. Next week is the national conference for the US Autism and Asperger Association annual meeting in Park City. They are going to be broadcasting the conference over the internet at the following location: click here. What a cool opportunity to listen to the speakers and get more information and support. Big thanks to Joanna for the info.

2. This weekend there is an Autism Walk in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Zoo. Thanks to Amy for the info. Here are the details:

First Annual Zoo Walk for Autism Research & Treatment

What: ZooWalk for Autism Research (Fundraisers, Hike/Run)

Contact: 503-226-1561

When/$: Saturday, Aug 5, 2006, 8:00 am $10 donation includes all day admission to the zoo (the walk begins at 9 am)

ZooWalk's goal is to raise funds for Autism Research Institute (ARI). Autism now affects 1 in 166 children. ARI brings physicians, researchers and parents together. Their research and development of the DAN! protocol has helped some children recover.

3. There is another walk benefiting Autism Speaks on Saturday, September 9 at Hillsboro stadium (also in Oregon) called the Autism Speaks / NAAR Walk for Autism Research.

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9 thoughts

  1. Alison says…

    thanks for the info, i passed it along to my cousin who has 2 autistic sons.

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  2. Jude says…

    Hey Ali,
    I hope you have a great time in NZ and Aus. Wish you were coming over our side of Aus - wish I had twigged earlier that you were in Aus too! Anyhoo - love your proactice approach to Autism - will most definitely be directing parents of kids at my school to your site - fab links! Have a ball!!!! Long flight that one!

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  3. Gary says…

    Thanks for sharing this info. I am blessed with two autistic children in my third grade class next year. Need all the info I can find!

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  4. Jeanine Baechtold says…

    Also, I am not sure if you have seen this: http://www.autism-society.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8815&news_iv_ctrl=-1 about the new bill regarding autism that is up for senate approval on 8/4.
    Thanks for the info and have a wonderful time in NZ.

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  5. Kelly Griffin says…

    Thank you for those links. sometiems its very hard to get any info on Autism and AS.. my daughter who is SPD (sensory processing disorder) and may be AS as well. in the stages of being tested with the regional center here in Northern Ca. she is four.. and sometimes its nice to know that I am not the only parent battling this.. I know I am not. but not alot of everyday folks speak out about it in a good way.

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  6. Melissa O says…

    Discovery Toys is coming out with a special program for autism this month. I downloaded the flyer to the link below
    I will be using this at my elementary school

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  7. Meg Beverly says…

    I just want to thank you for continually sharing so much information about Autism and your experience with it. We have a doctor's appointment next month where we are fairly certain our son will be diagnosed with Asperger's. We actually hope that he will be because then we will have a path to follow, ideas to try, people to talk to.
    For now, we read what we can, love, and live! Thank you for sharing your life with us, you inspire so many!!

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  8. Susan says…

    It's cool to see another Mom learning to deal with a spectrum disorder! I don't feel so alone reading this entry and all the responses. Thank you SO MUCH for the links!!

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