AEzine Challenge: Personal Creative Manifesto

I am so excited to see where you guys went with this one...

From last week's AEzine:

the challenge this week is to come up with you very own personal creative manifesto. Maybe it is one word. Maybe it will be paragraphs. Whatever it is or becomes, take some time this week to begin generating one for just for you. Create a layout, begin a minibook, or maybe just start writing out your thoughts...

Post your links or thoughts in the commments section below.

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72 thoughts

  1. Shawnnita says…

    Thanks for your good stuff Ali.
    Here is my creative manifesto:
    1. It's exactly where it's meant to be.
    2. Free yourself from conformity
    3. Let the creativity flow.
    I create to share my thoughts and feelings about a person, place, thing or event.
    My attitude effects everything about the outcome (ie, colour, journaling, mood)
    I tell myself "I am creative enough to do this"
    Thanks again

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  2. Sue says…

    Sue's Creative Manifesto:
    *Don't stress over small stuff.
    *Music helps the creative juices flow.
    *Watch and record inspiration.
    *Use inspiration.
    *Keep it simple.
    *Be joyful about creations.

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  3. Tara Whalen says…

    This helps focus me on why I scrap...
    Make it mine

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  4. Heather says…

    I know this is late but for some reason my Internet wouldn’t let me post a comment last night! :( Anyway here is what I was trying to say:
    Wow, there are some really inspiring responses here! I have really liked seeing everyone else’s thoughts and creations, it has made me think a lot and really kind of clarified exactly what I maybe want to say (how’s that for confidence? LOL). I wrote a little something on my blog – though I may have to add more to it later – I don't know if this really qualifies as a manifesto but here it is! LOL
    Enjoy your blog immensely, Ali, thanks! :)

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  5. Julie says…

    Sorry for posting twice -- but I had to do a creative manifesto too. This was such fun.
    Thanks, Ali.

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  6. Molly Simmons says…
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  7. Tiffany K says…

    Here's my scrapped life artist manifesto at:
    Love seeing everyone's lists!

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  8. The Writer Mama says…

    Okay, I'm not a scrapbooker. But I do collage. And as soon as I get a chance, I'm going to collage my manifesto on my journal cover.
    Thanks Ali!

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  9. Ilse says…

    Well, this is my first challenge I've taken after signing into AEZine and I love it. This is what popped into my mind:
    1. It's perfect the way I've created it.
    2. Have fun!
    3. Preserve Memories
    4. Photos & Journaling
    5. Whenever, Where ever
    6. Personal
    7. Interactive
    I've given a description of everything on this list on my blog:
    Thanks so much for the challenge Ali!

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  10. keri says…

    My manifesto is:
    1. Create Anything
    2. Find the Flow
    3. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

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  11. Sally says…

    Hi Ali! Sorry I'm so late with this. Life has been extraorinarily busy this week. :D
    I went all out and made a full on mini-book!
    My key points were:
    Have fun
    Embrace inperfection
    Take risks
    Use my stash
    Go with the flow
    Be me
    Look for inspiration.

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  12. Sally says…
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  13. Angela Williams says…

    I finally had a chance to sit down and do this. So, here is my take. Thanks, it was fun.

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  14. Angela Williams says…
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  15. PJ says…

    Hi Ali,
    Wow, this one really made me think... so it was a really good challenge!!!
    It took me a while, but here's my Manifesto project...
    Hope you enjoy it!!!

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  16. ~M~ says…

    I have really been enjoying reading everyone eles's thoughts on this subject. I don't knwo that I have a manifesto. But if I did, it would involve the word MANIFEST [as in, manifesto].
    As in. Make it Exist. Make it Real. Make it a Real Thing. MANIFEST it.
    Whatever "it" is, I have to make it manifest in the world.
    There's probably more there.

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  17. dione says…

    It took me so long to complete this - I hope it is not too late to share. see my page including my manifesto on my blog:

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  18. Chieko says…

    I had been in Japan for 2 weeks and finally completed this weekly challenge. It was very interesting!
    In Japan, I felt that scrapbooking is getting popular. I saw Japanese edition of Creating Keepsakes magazine and report about your class in Japan.
    Happy scrapbooking!

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  19. Chieko says…

    It's my creative manifesto mini book.

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  20. Rebecca Geach says…

    Thanks for another great challenge Ali:
    My creative manifesto is:
    I made a mini-album with paragraphs for each, its here:
    Bek ~Aussie Chick~

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