Week in the Life : Thursday Photos + Words

week in the life : simon's room by you.

week in the life : simon's clothes by you.

week in the life : simon's closet by you.

week in the life : reading the paper by you.

week in the life : chris working by you.

week in the life : looking up info on eggplants by you.

week in the life : my friend by you.

week in the life : snack time by you.

- Simon up before the alarm again (in our bed again too).
- Overheard at the breakfast table: "I am scared of the milk in Daddy's cereal. I can't look."
- Start chicken stock in the crock-pot.
- Make coffee. Walk around and turn off lights.
- Shower.
- New blog post.
- Man, my coffee gets cold fast.
- Talked to Tricia on the phone.
- Working on Designer Digitals products. Talk to Katie on the phone.
- Feeling baby move.
- Listening to NPR/OPB.
- Lunch: leftover chicken noodle soup. Walk around and turn off lights.
- Hang stars in Simon’s room and remove a few more things for donation/keeping for new baby.
- Way too much surfing. Anticipating the debate tonight.
- Listen for the bus.
- First thing Simon says when he gets home: “We got to play Star Wars in PE.”
- First thing he does when he gets home: put on the Darth costume. And he is super excited because there is no school tomorrow.
- Movie of the day: Star Wars (he has gone in reverse order this week).
- Rainy outside. Cozy inside. Just the way I like it.
- Going through boxes. Picking up piles and moving them to new pile locations.
- Seriously wasting time right now.
- Cooking dinner. Making eggplant parmesan – find out I have a bad eggplant. Have Chris pick up another one at the store. Takes way longer than I thought it would but totally worth the wait.
- Simon grabs a snack out of the pantry.
- Eat dinner while watching the VP debate. Second helping :).
- Play Palin Bingo while watching the debate. Neither one of us wins.
- Simon takes a bath.
- We watch debate commentary.


Very few photos today. Planning to take more on Friday.

I will be away for a while this morning but back in the afternoon to answer questions if you have them.

Have a great Friday!


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81 thoughts

  1. Anna-Marie Still says…

    Palin Bingo??? - Now Way! I wished I would have heard about that before the debate, that's too funny!
    Lovin' the picture of your baby bump - I so enjoyed being pregnant again last year with our 4th (once I got over the shock as he was a big surprize!) You can see a picture of him on my blog - just posted a new one yesterday - he'll be 6 months on the 8th and I'm savoring every moment - need to take more pictures, document the everyday stuff with him - thanks for the inspo - now if I could just find some more time each day!

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  2. Holley says…

    Hi! This is going to seem really random, I don't know you but found your blog on another blog I was reading. I was just wondering what kind of camera you use? My husband and I are looking to get a new camera and have no idea what kind to get but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how your camera seems to make everyday stuff look good! Would you mind letting me know what kind you're using? Thanks!

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  3. Theresa says…

    Loving the project, and your posts!
    We have those same star lights (from IKEA, right?), but they only come out at Christmas...I should contemplate them year-round! I love the shallow yellow shelves in Simon's room, too - could you share where they are from? Thanks!

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  4. jamie says…

    this has nothing to do with anything...but your dog is just like my dog i had when i grew up. when i saw the pic i said: 'she has a mitzi-dog"...ahhh!!! sweet.
    just had to share that tid bit there.

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  5. Christene says…

    Love your baby bump, you look so beautiful. It must have been a Thursday thing - I realized last night that I didn't take that many pictures, either. Hey, that's why we have words, right? So, what is Palin bingo?

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  6. BethB says…

    Ali- I am new to your blog, but a long time fan. I have to say that you and yours always look so perfect that it intimidates me sometimes! :) I found your words from yesterday to be so similar to my thoughts it made me laugh- especially the constant going around and turning lights off!
    I am very much enjoying playing along in this challenge. And look forward to creting my book about this week.
    Thanks also for sharing Stacy Julian's challenge - it is a great way for us all to visibly and continuously see the blessings in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing so much of your life.

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  7. Jessica says…

    I am loving the life blogs and photos....I just NEED to know. How do you keep your house looking so clean and organized??? I need you to come help me get rid of the clutter...you stuff looks like pictures in a magazine!! I want to live in your house!!

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  8. Courtney says…

    Hey Ali! I was wondering how you are planning on documenting your feelings/the historical greatness of this election in your scrapbooks??

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  9. lacy says…

    Yippie a belly shot! Oh so cute!

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  10. Laurel says…

    LOVE the baby belly! It's the most amazing feeling when the baby moves.
    A couple of questions for you:
    1. Will you be printing your own images after you resize them? I saw an image earlier this week where you had a sheet of images to trim. What editing program are you using? CS3 or Elements?
    2. What brand is your printer? Epson? Is it calaborated to match your Mac?
    3. Can you point me in the direction of a tutorial on resizing and placing images on one document to print? Maybe it's easier than I think.
    Lastly, I want to thank you so much for the creative nudge I needed for this project. It's been amazing and I am SO thankful you are doing it through your blog. I'm excited to see the end project.
    I created images today of the streets that we frequent. I thought it might add a nice touch somewhere in the album.

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  11. Karen says…

    Wow! Look at your pretty baby-bump!!! woohoo!
    Love this project...

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  12. madjoy22 says…

    Loved me my Palin Bingo!
    Look at that baby bump of yours. I can't believe it!
    Did the baby squirm about during the debate? :))))

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  13. Melyssa Marland says…

    Your bump is TOO CUTE!!! Congrats:)

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  14. Elise says…

    No one really wins in Palin bingo, do they? Ugh.
    Agree with first post--love the baby bump shot--we're due in Dec and mine would have been sitting on the desk in that shot! :)

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  15. jennifer cook says…

    Thank you for everything this week. I've been playing along.
    Question though, your photos are always so crisp and life like, how do you do that? Do you edit them with software before posting them?
    I have a Nikon D50 camera and love it, but need to learn to use it manually. Right now everything is on automatic. Do you have a favorite setting?
    I'd love to learn to take such great photos! Thanks!

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  16. Carrie says…

    Love the photo of his room + the one of his clothes + the one of your pregnant belly.
    By the way, I am so rocking this project.

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  17. Jenell Stock says…

    I am LOVING this project. I can't wait to see the end result. Thanks, Ali.
    PS - baby bump is darling . . .

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  18. Michelle (mybelle101) says…

    I {love} this project! Unfortunately, this was not the week for me to do it, but I *AM* going to do it one week this month...just waiting for my ("hubby's") new digital SLR to arrive ;) You are so cute with that little baby belly!! Almost makes me want to have another...

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  19. AshleyM says…

    I have watched this project and have meant to ask... I work in a secure facility and cannot take pictures. Most of my day is spent here (I work 8-5), so I'm not sure what I could put for that part of the day. I also cannot bring anything home. I am in the Air Force, so I could put some AF stuff in, but there's not that much to say/add. Any ideas?

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  20. Heather says…

    Gotta let you know. like so many others. how wonderful this week has been for me. Documenting my family's life has made me so much more aware of them minute to minute, everyday. Thank you for this gift of insight that I was letting slip by.
    Also, have to admit that this has been more difficult than I thought -- I have had motivating slumps but thank you for your posts as they have motivated me to take a few extra minutes and write things down now.
    QUESTIONS --- these are kind of weird, but I hope you will answer --- On Tuesday's photos you have a pic of your husband working at his computer. Above hime on the wall is a great photo of him and Simon. I love the size. Did you take this and if you did where did you get something like that made?
    The other question is what is OPB?? I listen to NPR everymorning too and love it! I love the Morning Edition stories and aren't the voices nice and calming in the early morning hours!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    OH -- What do you define as your week? Will you continue this through the weekend??

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  21. Wilda says…

    Ali! Love the lights on Simon's room. His room looks so nice and organized...not my boys room (but they are 3 and 2)! lol
    Anyway, I have to say, you look so CUTE with your round baby girl belly!
    Have a great weekend!

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  22. Kelly says…

    I really enjoy your blog...it is one of the best sb blogs out there! I just wish everyone would stop poking fun at the candidates in the election, no matter who you're for.

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  23. Jen says…

    Great photos Ali! Especially Simon as Darth Vader and your baby bump. CUTE! I've actually finished my Week in the Life challenge and now can't wait to start putting it all together! I'm thinking of doing this challenge maybe every month...like a snapshot of each month in our lives! You're such an inspiration. Thanks!

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  24. Angela W says…

    I love your pictures, esp of your baby bump! I hope you are still feeling well. I like your son't room!

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  25. Lisa Martin says…

    In the picture with your little head in your hand, your dog is to your right, to the left as I look at the pic. I stared at it for the longest time. I couldn't figure out what your dogs head was. It looked like a headlist black turkey!! I can't explain it but I finally started scrolling thru the rest of the pics and saw it was your dog.

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