Week in the Life : Thursday Photos + Words

week in the life : simon's room by you.

week in the life : simon's clothes by you.

week in the life : simon's closet by you.

week in the life : reading the paper by you.

week in the life : chris working by you.

week in the life : looking up info on eggplants by you.

week in the life : my friend by you.

week in the life : snack time by you.

- Simon up before the alarm again (in our bed again too).
- Overheard at the breakfast table: "I am scared of the milk in Daddy's cereal. I can't look."
- Start chicken stock in the crock-pot.
- Make coffee. Walk around and turn off lights.
- Shower.
- New blog post.
- Man, my coffee gets cold fast.
- Talked to Tricia on the phone.
- Working on Designer Digitals products. Talk to Katie on the phone.
- Feeling baby move.
- Listening to NPR/OPB.
- Lunch: leftover chicken noodle soup. Walk around and turn off lights.
- Hang stars in Simon’s room and remove a few more things for donation/keeping for new baby.
- Way too much surfing. Anticipating the debate tonight.
- Listen for the bus.
- First thing Simon says when he gets home: “We got to play Star Wars in PE.”
- First thing he does when he gets home: put on the Darth costume. And he is super excited because there is no school tomorrow.
- Movie of the day: Star Wars (he has gone in reverse order this week).
- Rainy outside. Cozy inside. Just the way I like it.
- Going through boxes. Picking up piles and moving them to new pile locations.
- Seriously wasting time right now.
- Cooking dinner. Making eggplant parmesan – find out I have a bad eggplant. Have Chris pick up another one at the store. Takes way longer than I thought it would but totally worth the wait.
- Simon grabs a snack out of the pantry.
- Eat dinner while watching the VP debate. Second helping :).
- Play Palin Bingo while watching the debate. Neither one of us wins.
- Simon takes a bath.
- We watch debate commentary.


Very few photos today. Planning to take more on Friday.

I will be away for a while this morning but back in the afternoon to answer questions if you have them.

Have a great Friday!


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81 thoughts

  1. Lisa Martin says…

    I mean headLESS black turkey!

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  2. silly.michelle.in.texas says…

    It make me so happy to see the little baby bump picture! After meeting you at one of your classes a couple of years ago, I always made a special effort to keep up with you and yours. I know that this is going to be so great for you, Chris, Simon, and Lily! Take good care of you and yours - always included in my prayers!

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  3. tracey says…

    the belly and the laptop? priceless.

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  4. simply says…

    first of all I love the series and the idea for a week in photos :o)
    second...I just had to laugh! when I first saw the photo of you sitting behind the desk...I noticed the black in lower left corner of the page...it took me a few min. of looking at it before I figured out it was the dog...I kept looking at it thinking it was a small black t-shirt just floating there (bwaaaaa ha ha)
    just goes to show ya...everyone looks at things differently :o)

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  5. Andrea Larsen says…

    Thanks for your blog! You are a beautiful example of a well lived life.

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  6. Melissa Rydjeski says…

    Do you have suggestions for enlarging the journaling area for the 12 x 12 story of today page? Parts of the day of the week in your handwriting lean over the lines, plus there are vertical lines that don't stretch. Thanks for letting me know.

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