Week In The Life : Wednesday Photos + Words


week in the life : good morning lily by you.

week in the life : reality by you.

week in the life : coffee with chris by you.

week in the life : coffee with chris by you.

week in the life : doctor's appointment by you.

week in the life : headlines by you.

week in the life : lunch by you.

week in the life : high-five by you.

week in the life : after-school play by you.

week in the life : wednesday homework by you.

week in the life : wednesday night swimming by you.


- Simon was up before the alarm today. When I got up I found him on the
couch cuddled up under a blanket where he had gone back to sleep after
not being able to locate the Darth Vader mask.

- Bagel. OJ. Clothes on. Wait for bus. Off to school.

- Working on financial spreadsheet. Working on establishing a budget.

- Chris checking out Facebook.

- Emails.

- Shower.

- Chris tells me “I like it when you are funny.”

- We head out for coffee and to my OB appointment.
Starbucks: decaf pumpkin spice for me, cinnamon dolce for Chris.

- Wait 45 mins for doctor ☺.

- All good at the appointment. Measuring a bit big which she said was a
good thing. Lots of political banter (love that about her). Will be
going to OHSU for second level II appointment on Friday.

- I love that Chris comes to the appointments with me. I love having a bit of time with him to grab a coffee.

- Planning to cook homemade chicken noodle soup tonight.

- Work on Designer Digitals releases for this weekend.

- Simon home at 1:45pm (every Wednesday). A high five to Chris as he leans out the window from the living room.

- In the house. “Stayed in green.” And into the Darth costume.

- “I am the best Darth in the whole world.” According to Simon.

- On comes Empire Strikes Back.

- Nap time for me on the couch.

- Chris goes to a meeting. I cook dinner (did the homemade chicken noodle soup and it was great). Simon does his homework. Fix Simon’s dinner.

- Chris comes home + we head to the indoor swimming pool. A Wednesday night tradition.

- We leave there with Simon in his PJ’s. Home. Brush teeth. Read book. Prayer.

- Work a bit more.


So how's it going? Are you still playing along?

I know it is a challenge to keep going. I find that by this evening I have found my rhythm. I am not capturing everything, but it is enough to tell a pretty complete story about our lives right now. I am not obsessing about the photos or the words or the stuff (I barely have any this time around)...just letting it become a part of my day without overtaking my day.

In the comments section of the last post Dena asked about stuff. So far I have very few things: a couple receipts, a copy of the paper, grocery list, a few things Simon has brought home from school. It's not a big deal if you don't have a ton of stuff - in the end we will just be working with whatever we have collected.

Make sure you are getting yourself in some of your photos. Use your self-timer or have someone in your family take some shots of you. You are a major part of this story.

Hope you are enjoying this journey.


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82 thoughts

  1. Vicki says…

    My week ends today. I've so enjoyed this. I used the idea to complete a promise to myself to be more consistent in journaling each month. September had been a miserable failure. I've just included my pix each day in my journal - wrote a little and September wasn't so skimpy after all! It was very fun and I plan to do a week again and do a full set of LO's to go with it.

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  2. abbbey says…

    I'm enjoying it. I'm being more aware I think of daily life. I don't have much stuff and don't think I will, but think that I might include some of the big news stories of the week as it is such a big week newswise. Am also surprised that people seem to be interested reading about it on my blog. I'd thought it would be more interesting looking back, but there seems to be some interest in the moment too which is neat.

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  3. Stephanie Herbert says…

    Ali, don't you just love the Starbucks Pumkin Spice Latte? So yummy!

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  4. Rachelle says…

    I was going gung ho on this project when a family tradegy occured. I opted to restart the project next week. I really want this album to be about our orindary lives and I didn't want it sitting on our coffee table with a big horrible day documented in the middle of it. Not only that, but my focus has completely shifted this week anyway. Looking forward to regrouping and starting again on Sunday.

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  5. Heather H says…

    Working on it, but not as much as I'd hoped to. I completely forgot the camera today until this afternoon at soccer practice...where I found the batteries dead. Oh well. I just wanted to comment on the Darth Vader costume. My 6 1/2 year old is going to be Darth for Halloween. He's waited at least 2 years for it. He wears it all the time too. :)

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  6. Anna Aspnes says…

    Bad timing for me Ali as I prep for Paris next week. I have been more inspired to take random every day photos though. May do a page of my week instead of an album. Did do Stacy's challenge though.
    Have a great weekend Ali!

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  7. Cherie says…

    This was so much fun!! I'm getting photos uploaded to my blog & now working on a Scrapblog of my week. Thanks for the ideas!

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