One Little Word 2009 & Giveaways


I am so excited to embark on a new word for 2009.

My word is nurture.


For me, especially with a new baby on the way within the next month or so, I have been thinking a lot about nurturing. It's such a soft, slow, gentle word.

There are many things in my life I would like to focus on nurturing this coming year. Our new baby girl. Simon and the transition to big brotherhood. My relationship with Chris. Photography. Patience. My business & this blog.

I am also going to be conscious of nurturing myself during this time of major transition in our lives.

There is something very special about this word for me. It represents slowing down, simplifying, and pinpointing what is really important to me in my life (not just the next 365 days). I am nervous and excited and so looking forward to what is to come.


The idea behind the one little word concept is to give yourself something to focus on throughout the year. As I stated in my newsletter back in January 2007, "A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow."

Also from that same newsletter:

Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want
for yourself in 2009?

It can be something tangible or intangible. It could be a
thought or a feeling or an emotion. It can be singular or
plural. The key is to find something that has personal
meaning for you. This is not your mother's word or your
spouse's word or your child's word - this is YOUR

One little word can have big meaning in your life if you allow
yourself to be open to the possibilities. And here's one thing
that is totally interesting: sometimes a word will pop into
your brain and it will not make any sense to you right now.
Give it some time. Let it percolate a bit. I have often
found that our hearts speak to us in very unique ways.
Maybe this is a word you need to hear but just aren't ready
for it yet. Again, be open to the possibilities.

I can't wait to see all the words for 2009.


To celebrate the new year I have three very special giveaways - all directly related to this project. Two beautiful pieces of jewelry and one piece of art to celebrate your word.


Lisa Leonard Designs
Giveaway: One custom Word of the Year Necklace
Special for AE readers: 20% off Word of the Year necklaces with the code "myword" at checkout
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Liz Lamoreux Soul Mantra Pendants
Giveaway : One custom Soul Mantra Pendant any size or design
Special for AE readers : 20% off Soul Mantra necklaces throughout January. Enter code "one word 2009" in the notes to seller and the discount will be refunded to you through Paypal.
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Stephanie from Homegrown Hospitality
Giveaway: One 4x6 black or white frame with hand drawn doodle in color pallet of your choice. The doodle can include "The Word" or "A Name" and a favorite quote, verse or scripture.
Special for AE readers: Stephanie is donating $5 from the sale of each doodle to Autism Speaks.
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To be entered into the drawing today please leave a comment with your word for 2009. It's totally fine if you are still thinking about it - if that's the case just leave a comment with some of your intentions for this new year. Comments will be closed on Thursday, January 1st at noon Pacific with the winners posted shortly after.

A safe and Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

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1940 thoughts

  1. robyn says…

    i'm torn. my word of the day is either "focus" or "love". i think focus, though. because i want to focus on love, focus on others, focus on a few other things. not be so scattered with how i live my life. have pin-point accuracy with everything. completely intentional.
    so. focus. focus is my word for 2009.

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  2. Dana says…

    My word for 2009 is "cherish".
    1. to hold or treat as dear; feel love for: to cherish one's native land.
    2. to care for tenderly; nurture: to cherish a child.
    3. to cling fondly or inveterately to: to cherish a memory.

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  3. Ann-Marie says…

    I am also choosing SIMPLIFY.
    Love your choice Ali!

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  4. ~Kristina says…

    Hi Ali, thanks so much for sharing this. My word of the year is Simple.

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  5. Kim W says…

    Hi Ali
    My word for 2009 is joy. I want to find joy in time spent with my children, joy in the everyday instead of the same old grind.
    Thanks for the chance!

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  6. alison says…

    my one little word for 2009 is CREATIVE. i wish to get in touch with the creative side of me. to know and to steer that power within me to create the life that i wish to live, in my business, photography, art, relationships and life. a fun, joyful living in 2009!
    Thanks Ali, Happy New Year to you and family!

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  7. DeAnna says…

    My word for 2009 is EXCELLENCE: the state of possessing outstanding quality or superior merit. I don't mean perfection, but consciously making an effort to do the best I can in every situation. To me, that is excellence.
    Excellence is getting to know God more, and in turn, learning more about myself. I am getting married this year, so excellence in learning how to be the wife my fiance needs (not necessarily the wife I think I should be). Excellence in learning how to cook for said fiance (LOL). Excellence in pursuing my dreams. They have lied dormant for too many years. Excellence in taking better care of myself (mind, body, spirit and soul).

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  8. Danielle says…

    IMMINENCE-- I know that it is a wierd word, but I am a procrastinator. Procrastination combined with my poor time management skills and over-planning leads to stress!! I plan to realize the imminence of all of my projects and work on getting them done sooner, rather than later...or not at all!!

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  9. Denita Wishart says…

    My word for 2009 in INTEGRITY...
    This word has been knawing at me for sometime now. I strive everyday of my life to not only keep my own integrity intact, but to gentle teach others to do the same. Something I feel we as a people and nation severly lack.
    INTEGRITY is demonstrated by people who do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances may be.
    I Will:
    • Do the right thing, even if it isn’t going to be easy for me or for others.
    • Make sure there is no difference between what I say and what I do. I will be
    consistent and true to my heart.
    Thank you Ali, for keeping us alert and on our toes, you rock sweetheart!

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  10. Sandra says…

    Well, I'm still thinking about it, but I "feel" like the word 2009 will be "today" or "present". I always tend to worry about things upcoming in the future, laying things aside I should be doing currently and all these things stress me in the end. So I want to be more pesent, live in the moment and do what I want to and should do. No more "doing nothing", which isn't the same as relaxing. Instead of sitting around, browsing the web for no reason, thinking about unimportant events that could be, I want to read more, take more pictures, scrap,.. I want to improve in 2009 :) Can't wait till I can start, even if it's going to be tough some times.. *gg*
    Best wishes for your 2009!!

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  11. Courtney Newton says…

    My word for 2009 is that things will work out the way that they others...and most importantly, trust myself.

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  12. Cindy says…

    My word for 2009 is LIVE! I think I'd like to preface it, with a couple others: GO, BE, DO!!
    I like to think it's a nice leading up, kinda like "ready, set, GO!".
    The reason I've selected these words, is that I feel I have just been gliding along in my life and not living it. This is the year I stand up and do it!

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  13. Sharon F says…

    I have several words that keep popping up for me. I am hoping that when I let my subconcious rest it will bubble up the one that is most present.
    My words are Fierce, Patience, Embrace - I want to live and love fiercely, to be in the moment and enjoy every ounce - to be fierce in my convictions, passion and myself. To nurture patience as i found this past year that i dont have patience for those who want to doubt things or dont want to try. And I want to embrace life - I have witness much loss this past year and while I know I am not in control of most of it, its a reminder to embrace each moment and let those you love know how much.
    Best to you and your nurturing of your family and yourself. It is the perfect word for you.
    Wishing happiness to all in 2009.

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  14. jana says…

    My word is beginning
    With a new baby on the way too
    it will be a new start for us, different, with fear, excitement, I can't wait

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  15. Kristen says…

    My word for 2009 is ENLIGHTEN. I've never participated before but really excited to get going with it in the new year!

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  16. ErinB says…

    My word is BELIEVE. Believe in myself and all I am capable of being. I feel that over the last couple of years I have lost a little faith in myself and all that I have accomplished in my life. I would like to move forward and to do that I must BELIEVE!My very best to you and your growing family. Thank you for all your inspiration! Happy 2009!!!

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  17. Kendra in St. Joseph, MO says…

    This is my first year for having a WORD. I'm going with GATITUDE. There are so many things to be grateful for and I need to not let the other things get in the way of that.

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  18. Sarah says…

    I think my word for 2009 is going to be "grow." I want to learn new things and grow.

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  19. Pattie Cordova says…

    My personal word for 2009 is "create"... create stuff, create a business, create a stable environment for our baby

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  20. Jessica Stoops says…

    I am thinking about peace or acceptance. I am working on being positive and being in the present and I want my word to be related to these areas.
    I think nurture is a great word for you.
    Happy New Year! Jess

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  21. Laura Glover says…

    My word will be "grateful" much peace and happiness come from this little word.
    Laura G.
    Marquette, MI

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  22. Cathy K. says…

    My word for 2009 is JOY. I am going to try to embrace the joy in everyday things. It's too easy to get bogged down with negativity and I am going to make an effort not to let that happen and see the good in people and things.

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  23. Juliana says…

    My word would be "trust" - mostly referring to nurturing my trust in God. He's certainly worthy of that trust!

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  24. joy meadows says…

    My word for 2009 will be love. As one gets older, it is even more meaningful to love - love God, love living, love family, love country, love ART!!

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  25. Sheila says…

    My word for 2009 will be ORDER. My plan this year is to get my life in order, my house in order, and my priorities in order.

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