Baby Reflections Journal/MiniBook


One of the things I am hoping to do over the next few weeks after the new baby arrives is document some of those thoughts, feelings, emotions, and observations in a little journal/minibook. The concept is simple; putting it together is simple. In this case I wanted something that was smaller, that could go in a bag or sit on my bedside table, that was easy to grab and jot down my reflections. 

Am I going to have another more traditional baby book? Maybe. Most likely I will just start doing some scrapbook pages that document the stories of her life that will go into a 12x12 album. I imagine that some of those stories may come from what gets written down within the pages of this journal.

I envision adding a few photos to this little book (photos glued back to back and added in as pages) and other pieces of "stuff" maybe from the hospital, tags from clothes, etc.

The inside follows a simple formula of printed journal cards and patterned papers. I have been holding on to these patterned papers from Anna Griffin for years and was so excited to finally put them to good use. They are some of my favorites. 


The "A" stamp is from the See and Stamp Jumbo Uppercase Alphabet Stamps
set. Ink is Color Box/Hero Arts (it's the perfect little selection of six pinks). 

The album I am using is a new three ring Memory Binder album from Heidi Swapp/Janet Hopkins that fits 5 inches x 7 inches pieces of paper and should be available in March. Here's a link to where you can sign up for notification when it becomes available. It comes with a bunch of different pockets and pages and envelopes and such but I removed them for this particular project. I did leave two page protectors in the back as collection pockets.

The interior pages are a combination of patterned paper and "reflections" journal cards that are available for download through Designer Digitals. Simply open on your computer and print on white cardstock. What's cool about these cards is that they don't have to be used in a baby journal. The cards include the words: reflections, remember,
memories, moments, today, and together. Use them to document a new
life, one that has passed on, an adventure, your one little word, a
time of transition, daily thoughts, etc. So many possibilities.


The scalloped edges on the patterned paper were created using the Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch and the new Scallop Sentiment Border Punch (scallops without the holes). For the pages like you see above, I took two small strips of the patterned paper, adhered them back to back, used the border punch and then adhered it between two journal cards. These pages are a bit wider than 5 inches with the scallop border added.


Making Memories dimensional hearts "sweets"
adhered with a glue dot. Perfectly simple.


Making Memories Trim
+ Heidi Swapp Heart Ghost Shape + Tim Holtz Trinket Pin

I repeated the basic foundation pattern and flow for each spread: metal-rimmed circle accent, plastic
"sweets" heart from Making Memories, and finally a piece of trim with
a heart and dangling accents.


"Exhibit A" stamp from Catslife Press.

IMG_5069 IMG_5070 



Making Memories Trim + Jenni Bowlin Felt Heart + Making Memories Love Charm

And repeat again. I didn't do the patterned papers in any particular order - just adhered them to the backs of some of the journal cards.


I have no idea where that butterfly stamp is from anymore. Anyone?





Here's a look at it standing up:


I can't wait to begin filling it up. For now I am leaving the cover plain - maybe I will do something with it or I may just leave it as is. It is now tucked away in my hospital bag - ready and waiting for this next experience to begin.

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163 thoughts

  1. Z says…

    could you tell me please, what's the name of the font you are using?
    thank you so much,
    mrs Z

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  2. Roxanne says…

    What a stunning book to write your reflections and memories in! My only thoughts to share on having two (boy 5 and girl 21 months of my own) is that the second one goes by even faster it seems. They are different, you are different, your environment is different because there are more of you involved. Continue to be patient with yourself and try not to feel too guilty if you can't give the second one everything you gave the first. It cannot be the same - you are spread thinner. I've often found torn between guilt over what I'm not able to give to my son compared to what I used to, contrasted with moments of guilt over not being able to give her everything I gave him because the focus was just him for the first 3 years. The reality is that you can only do your best to give them all you can and try not to forget to take care of yourself and your husband along the way. Life is short but you are so wise for your age. You will continue to be blessed and keep your priorities aligned as best you can despite being so incredibly busy. Congratulations on such an amazing experience - you don't just have "kids", they each have a sibling too - there are so many amazing facets to this next part of your journey and new relationships to explore. What a gift! Enjoy!

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  3. Mikkel says…

    Wow, just beautiful! Congratulations on your healthy, gorgeous baby girl and increased family!

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  4. gypsy alex says…

    Hi Ali! I'm in love with all the 'pattern papers' you used. Where did you get them? xo

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  5. gypsy alex says…

    Oh! Ooops! Just saw papers came from Anna Griffin. Lovely! xo

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  6. Heidi Y says…

    love - love - love this!! i wish i had something like this during my daughters' first years... i'll have to make something like this for my sil and friends...

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  7. Investment casting says…

    You look great!

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  8. hennyLee says…

    I'm preparing for my own baby now in 3months. With your tips here I'd be able to make a journal of my own.
    God bless you, Ali.
    (: hope the heidiswapp journal is in store now!

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  9. Ewa says…

    Ali - or whoever else, if anybody, happens to read this - I just got the beautiful Reflection Journal Cards and am finding I have no clue how to begin changing the color from black to one that will match the journal I am hoping to make. Is there any info "out there" I could find on how to do that? Has anyone bought this and done it and would be willing to share their wisdom with me? Have mercy on an inexperienced, but aspiring digital scrapper!

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  10. Connie B says…

    Beautiful book Ali! Can you tell me what the album/binder is? Did you make that or buy it?
    Blessings to you !

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  11. Viarty Kemal says…

    I really love this journal book so I purchased the reflection download from Designers Digital then print it in paper. They are so awesome. I love it.
    But how to change the color from black ink to other colors in Photoshop?. I just love what you did with these pink color.. I just don't know much about Photoshop ;)
    thanks Ali

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  12. laurie says…

    the memory binder is now a discontinued item - anyone have a tip on a similar product available for purchase now?

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