And the giveaways go to...

Evalicious • One person will get a 'So Lucky' combo pack (perfect
for those St. Patrick's day photos you took yesterday or can be used
for lucky themed projects or anything where you want a touch of green
) as well as an Everyday Vintage Art Journal.

Posted by:
Stacy Trimble •
I've been working on passing my exam to become a medical
transcriptionist. I'll be ready for it to be over and I can't start


Scrapbooking From The Inside Out • One person will receive the March kit.

Posted by:
Dawaila • We
finally put new carpet in our living room ( only took 15 years!) So
rearranging furniture and wall decor, trying to pull from around the
house. Trying to repurpose and reuse. Its fun to look at things in
different ways.


Allison Strine Designs : Lady Bird Land • One person will receive the soldered glass pendant.

Posted by:
Elise • I have been working on my very first quilt, a project with my grandma, and it has been great spending extra time with her.

AND, one person will receive a print of the same design. 

Posted by:
Valerie •
just finished a fabric mini album with photos of each of our 2 boys
from 0-7 yrs. One photo per page. It's great to compare what they
looked like at the same age (there are 3 yrs between them).

Trying to start a mini album for my hubbys 40th (40 things I love about
you). Have the 40 things jotted down but no inspiration on the album


Stacy, Dawaila, Elise, and Valerie please email me ali at aliedwardsdesign dot com with your contact information.

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7 thoughts

  1. Ashley Watts says…

    Congrats! :)

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  2. Renee says…

    Lovely giveaways! And I'm so falling in love the kit from Scrapbooking from Inside Out and Evalicious's Everyday Vintage Art Journal *drools* The projects I can do with them

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  3. Lusi :) says…

    Congrats ladies! Lovely giveaways Ali :)
    Just wanted to let you know how inspired I've been by your sharing of Anna's room as we prepare to get ready for our bubby :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Lusi x

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  4. shana stoll says…

    I just have to say that I love reading about your kiddos! I commented once before to say that my baby is Anna too (I love that name!), but just today I thought I should share a Simon connection with you as well.
    My oldest is Jacob (we have 5 kiddos). When Jacob was 3 and his sister Rebekah was 1 our 3rd little one arrived. The whole time I was pregnant Jacob was hoping and praying for a boy . . . and completely believing their was actually a boy baby in there (he already had a sister, you see!). He called this baby I was carrying "Simon" . . . "Simon Ray", if you want to get specific. He walked around for months (he decided to name him that just a couple weeks after we told him we were having a baby, and he stuck with it throughout THE WHOLE pregnancy, which I find kind of amazing considering he was 2!) telling people that soon he would have a brother, "Simon Ray Stoll". Everyone knew Simon, and even though Simon was not a name we had considered before that and I don't think it was even a name Jacob had ever heard (we didn't know anyone -- and still don't -- named Simon) apart from stories about Simon Peter in the Bible. But Simon it was. He was insistent! Throughout he pregnancy the name grew on me and I started thinking of our baby as Simon Ray Stoll too (he always said the full name when talking about the baby). Since I was also completely convinced the baby was a boy, the little one in my belly became Simon to me!
    Well, come June of 2002 I went to the hospital to meet Simon and lo and behold something was wrong with him . . . no penis! Go figure. We named our little girl Lydia Joy instead and she is great!
    So, I've got an Anna . . . Anna Grace Stoll who (amazingly) turns 1 already at the end of the month and in my heart I've kinda got a Simon too (and interestingly my "Simon" and yours are roughly the same age, I think, just like our Annas!)
    Thanks for reading my longwinded story and thanks for the great blog!
    Shana in Minnesota

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  5. Tona says…

    Congratulations ladies.
    I am so enjoying reading about your new little family and how everything is progressing along. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Elise says…

    I can't believe that I've just won a prize from Ali Edwards!! :D Thank you so SO much!! You've made my day and I can't wait to receive the pendant!! Thanks also to Allison Strine for designing it! Off to e-mail you right away!

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  7. Carole Hepburn says…

    Congratulations to the winners - Love the picture you have posted !

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