Weekend Creative : Naming Your Petals

Weekendcreative Simon
Last week this little gem made it home from school safe and sound in Simon's backpack.

What a very cool peek into some of his current favorite things and a little bit about how he's seeing himself (or how his teachers helped him identify some of his traits). My favorite petals include "reader," "kind," and "chicken burger."

I've done a variety of layouts over the years documenting our right now: things that are important to us, favorites, what we are into, etc. This is the first one in Simon's own words; in his own handwriting. Definitely a treasure to me.

This weekend consider documenting your own petals or those of someone you love. Maybe involve your family members by having them identify what are the important things in their lives right now. Ask simple questions like "what's your favorite food" or "what are you really good at?" and have them write their own words if they are able.Ali_petals

This is definitely not a complicated exercise. It's a silly little way to document a bit of your life right now. Grab a piece of scratch paper and draw a simple flower or download and print the one below. Simon's flower has 10 petals but don't worry about the number, just write. Don't forget to add the date.

These flowers would make a sweet little family minibook, a nice accent on a layout of each person, or you could gather a bunch together and create a "bouquet" of all your family member's flowers.


AE_NameYourPetal_PREV To get you started here's a simple flower download (the same one I used for my flower above) that is ready and waiting to be printed and decorated by you and your loved ones.

Download AE_Petals.png


[ weekend creative is a semi-regular feature appearing on Fridays : past projects can be located in the here. ]

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114 thoughts

  1. Cheyne says…

    Just wanted to let you & Simon's teacher, know, that our family of 6 in Australia are doing the flower task this weekend & I am going to scrap them on a 12x12 LO. Thankyou for the idea!

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  2. Suz says…

    Simon's project just made me smile! I love that you made your own too.

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  3. Juls says…

    Very fun activity.
    I went for simple too. My results: love, family, friendships, God, hugs, and kisses, prayers, laughter, running, jumping.

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  4. susan gilman says…

    Oh this is so perfect! Cannot wait to use this for a mini book for our little family - perfect way to document the every changing "right now" in my stepdaughter's life....I think a monthly or seasonal flower book would be so cute!

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  5. Sheila Miller says…

    Love this! Thanks for the free download. These are the things in life that are true treasures. TFS

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  6. Verna says…

    Such a simple idea, I love it! And very easy for my two little ones to do as well. Thanks for sharing!
    Here is what I ended up doing: http://studiovee.blogspot.com/2009/05/so-simple.html

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  7. Rhonda H says…

    Thanks for the flower download. With a 7 year old son who likes many of the things Simon does, this looks like a great activity.
    BTW, he is not big on coloring, painting or gluing, but I got him a CUTTLEKIDS machine (on sale at Michael's for $11) and he loves that. BOY + MACHINE = Creativity!
    Wish we had a local indoor family pool!

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  8. ErinL says…

    Hi Ali,
    What a great idea. Thank you for the template. I am going to pass this idea on to my son's teacher next year. What a great "Time Capsule" for families to enjoy. Simon has great handwriting. The apple does not fall far from the tree.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  9. babybug says…

    love this idea
    thank you

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  10. ewian says…

    Thanks for sharing the idea! Yes it would make a grate get to know your classmates activity.

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  11. Anna bowkis says…

    Hi Ali
    I LOVE this idea. I am a TA at a school in teh UK and work with support groups for ages 5 - 7. I would love to use this idea in group, would that be OK with you?
    Anna x

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  12. beth (20birds) says…

    thank you, just what i needed today on a day with way too much stuff... a bit of focusing and creativity

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  13. linda says…

    H1 Ali...I LOVE this idea. Is the download for the petals still available? The link doesn't seem to work...

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  14. Sophie says…

    Is it possible to make the flower template available for download?

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