Weekend Thought : Your 12 Stories

If you could only create 12 scrapbook layouts that defined your life what stories would you tell? 

I am thinking about mine.

Feel free to share or just contemplate.

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146 thoughts

  1. MarieP says…

    Off the top of my head, here are mine:
    1. our wedding
    2. what I believe
    3. our dog
    4. my relationship with my sister
    5. the kids in my life (nieces and nephews)
    6. my best friend
    7. a list of my favorites
    8. my favorite memory from childhood
    9. a mistake I made and what I would do differently
    10. why I love my husband
    11. a funny story from my life
    12. my parents' love story (hmmm, I really need to get on this one)

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  2. Carolyn says…

    Wow... 12 stories... only ?
    Five Happy Thoughts - I journal this every day
    Family - my niece & nephew mean the world to me
    Music - it means so much to me, the words, the melodies, I am always listening to something
    Photography - my camera & photos are the reason I scrapbook, I love taking photos of the people I love, of places I've been, of things that catch my eye no matter how strange to others...
    How I Met and Still am with the love of my life - and our wedding in 2011 once we figure out more of the plans
    Adventures with old & new friends as they are what truly make the little moments worthwhile
    Travel - whether little road trips or a big trip like my trip to Jamaica...
    Nature - I love the sunshine, I love the rain, I love going to the park and photographing the birds, the grass, flowers, sunrises & sunsets
    Mhmmm... must think about this a bit more... good thought provoking inspiration, thanks Ali :)

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  3. Cara says…

    1. Wedding
    2. Me
    3. My husband
    4 - 12. My two kids :)

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  4. tracey m. says…

    I love your list! So inspiring.
    Tracey M.

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  5. Nicky from Canada says…

    Wow that's a gooder -
    1)my childhood
    2)my family and what they mean to me and have taught me
    3)school and how important it was to me
    4)beliefs and values
    5)my wedding
    6)my children
    7)moments that defined my life
    8)dreams and my wish list
    9)my hobbies
    10)my loves
    11)my best friends
    12)who I see mayself us
    What a great contemplation for the weekend.

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  6. Kirsten H says…

    Tough, but good, question
    1) Me, my story
    2) My relationship with my husband
    3) one on my son
    4) one on my daughter
    5) My parents
    6) The activites I like to do
    7) Photography
    8) My animals
    9) My wishes for my kids future
    10) Mine and my family favorites

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  7. LesleMora says…

    My children are my life, so each would have three pages: birth, growing up with them, and my dreams for their future . . . that's nine pages right there. Another would cover my true love, my sweetheart. Another my family. And the final page would be the epiphanies and life lessons I have learned that I would like to share with my children and anyone else who might find them useful.

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  8. Suzzi says…

    This is something I will be contemplating to as there are great ideas on here.
    Thanks everyone.

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  9. Suzie says…

    Great idea:
    1. My parents
    2. My husband
    3-5 My kids
    6. My sister & her family
    7. Friends
    8. My hometown
    9. Bagpipes
    10. My grandparents
    11. My in-laws
    12. My faith and how it molds me everyday

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  10. Nancy Barnes says…

    1. Wedding/my husband
    2. My children
    3. My family (parents/siblings)
    4. My values
    5. My beliefs
    6. My friends
    7. My pets
    8. My favorite things (Top 10)
    9. My dreams as a child
    10.My hobbies
    11.My collections
    12.My wishes for the future

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  11. Jennifer says…

    oooh! Good one. Why 12, though? This is an interesting list because I feel it would always be changing - even the ones about the past. As our view changes, who we are changes. It's almost as if I could make these 12 layouts every year and each set would be different because I'd see it from a different perspective as I get older (and wiser, of course).
    1.) My childhood and what life was like for me growing up
    2.) My relationship (courtship, marriage, etc.) with my husband
    3.) My single, crazy years - college to about 26, and what I learned about myself (independence, a career, values, who I am, etc.)
    4.) My new, sweet baby.
    5.) Becoming a mom.
    6.) Extended family and family tree.
    7-12.) Daily life (friends, jobs, houses, routines, cars, favorite restaurants, locations) at various points in my life.

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  12. christen says…

    1. childhood memories
    2. how i met my husband
    3. wedding day birth of my four children
    8. relationship with my parents
    9. my siblings
    10. my home and hometown
    11. my family now (husband and kids)
    12. my hopes and dreams for the future

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  13. Ann says…

    I decided not to look at what everyone wrote, but will go back.
    12 things.
    I would probably split it into two categories. Travel-related and not travel related.
    Of travel related items, I would scrap:
    1. Life with my parents growing up.
    2. Travels with my husband
    3. Travels with friends
    4. My favorite trips
    5. How I travel
    Of non-travel related, I would scrap:
    1. Life with my parents growing up.
    2. Life with my husband.
    3. My relationship with my parents now.
    4. My relationship with friends
    5. My 3 favorite hobbies
    6. A day in the life of me
    7. About me right now

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  14. Ann says…

    And although no-one's holding me accountable to this, I would probably replace "about me right now" to something random.

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  15. Liz Ness says…

    Love this question! Love that the number is limited and begs serious consideration. Thanks for that, Ali!
    1. Falling in to the river when I was five and alone.
    2. Grandpa's influence = my love of archaeology.
    3. Grandma's influence = my going to college.
    4. My aunt's and uncle's death.
    5. My friendship with Erik = our life together.
    6. My pregnancy trials (age, ITP, etc.).
    7. Grandma's influence = love of art and tennis.
    8. How college transformed a country girl.
    9. My love of story telling (where/how it started and how it's evolved -- I've wanted to be a writer since I was eight and I've been an photography enthusiast since then, too).
    10. Smith Valley tragedy (profound impact).
    11. My evolving role as mother and my friendship with and love for my son.
    12. How my friends and family have helped me to grow and have influenced me throughout my life (even through things that seemed negative at the time, but have turned out to be blessings in disguise. Everything has lead me to here and now and I'd never change any of it).

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  16. rachael says…

    WOW, awesome thought....not in any order.....hmmmmm
    My family moment
    my home(s) now
    my inspiring moment
    my define moment
    my happiness
    my beliefs
    my changes in me
    my needs
    my wants
    my wishes
    my future
    my bucket list

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  17. Lisa Flanagan says…

    I'm making a minibook that will use paper dolls, photos & memorabilia that will capture the many "girls" inside of me.
    1.) little tom-boy/girlie-girl (childhood memories)
    2.) family girl (my immediate family and ancestry)
    3.) academic girl (my education inside and out of the classroom)
    4.) church girl (my faith journey)
    5.) sports fan girl (Pittsburgh sports team fan mania and general spectator status)
    6.) music girl (church choir, musical theatre pursuit)
    7.) best friend girl (celebrating friendships)
    8.) travel girl (documenting places visited and on the wish list)
    9.) crafty girl (life long love of Scrapbooking, photography and more)
    10.) NYC girl (work and play in the big apple)
    11.) married girl (my love story)
    12.) mama girl (my newest role)

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    1. Chrystie DeSmet says…

      Such a cute idea! LOVE it! :)

  18. Becky P. says…

    Definitely a layout about my relationship with my husband and at least one about the births of my children...maybe one that sums up my childhood...definitely one about the fun college days...
    Wow--I'll have to give this one a lot of thought--great idea!

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  19. Sherry says…

    The 12 stories that define my life:
    1. my upbringing/childhood
    2. my educational journey
    3. how my career has changed me
    4. my spiritual journey
    5. my relationship with my husband
    6. my lifelong friendships
    7-11. my relationship with each of my 6 children

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  20. Andrea says…

    1) My love story with my husband (it's pretty long).
    2) My daughter
    3) My schooling
    4) My faith
    5) My dad's heart attack
    6) My family history
    7) My dog
    8) My car
    9) My childhood photos
    10) DH's childhood photos and history (there's a lot missing, but I would like to document what is there).
    11) My accident as a child
    12) My trying-to-concieve journey with child #2.

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  21. Amybug says…

    Wow, this was harder than I thought it would be. Okay, here are mine:
    1. My family history (my grandparents met and fell in love in a concentration camp during the holocaust, super amazing story)
    2. My husband's family history
    3. Our dating/engagement
    4. Our wedding
    5. The birth of our little boy
    6. Our little boy's diagnosis of SI and Hypotonia (and the long road of tests to get to that point)
    7. The first time he walked
    8. The first time he jumped
    9. When he finally got accepted into the Developmental Preschool program (took three times)/First day of preschool
    10. Our major home remodel
    11. Our "week in the life" layout (helps me realize how incredibly blessed we are every day)
    12. Our tenth anniversary (Note: this layout hasn't been done yet, our anniversary is on July 31st - will definitely be a defining moment in both our lives).
    Really looking forward to seeing yours!

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  22. Christine says…

    This one is difficult. I'm at a point where I feel like I'm just starting life, having not had those life changing moments happen yet, but at the same time, I feel like I've already seen so much. I feel like a lot of what I'm doing is waiting...waiting to be engaged to someone who really loves me...waiting to get married...waiting to buy a home for just us...waiting to have some beautiful children of my own. I'd really have to think about what's happened to define my life NOW and not what I wish would happen to define my life LATER.

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    1. Angela says…

      Its probably a bit late to post here but I've just read your comment. 5 years ago this is how I felt too and now that I've had a few of life's big moments I don't seem to have the time to document them! Now, as much as I love my new life, sometimes I miss my old life. Don't be afraid to document how your life is now while you can still remember it xx

  23. Carolyne says…

    ali i love how you plant these little seeds for us to stretch our minds and extend ourselves. i will be contemplating mine but most of what is said above plus more. can't wait to see what you come up with though - always anticipate your creativeness. have a lovely weekend with your babies. hugs.

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  24. Lissa says…

    Thats a great idea! I'm going to have to think about that for awhile. Everyone has some great ideas.=]

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  25. Lynne Ashcraft says…

    I am SO loving this post. I started a book of me a few years ago but have only worked on a few pages so far. I used I am... as a title for each page. So the pages are:
    I am...
    1 . a generation (the story of how my ancestors came to america)
    2. a granddaughter (my grandparents stories and my relationships with them)
    3. a daughter (my parents stories and what I learned from them)
    4. a beginning - photos from my birth and my first few days of life and facts from history about what the cost of milk was, #1 song, etc
    5. a growing girl - photos from my youth and favorite memories
    6. a sister - photos of my six siblings, their facts about their families and my relationships with them
    7. a student - all my school photos through the years and different facts about my teachers, friends, boyfriends, favorite subjects etc.
    8. a fanatic - different things I have been really into (movies, music, etc)
    9. a wife - my love story with my hubby
    10. a mother-to-be - my hopes to one day have kids
    11. an artist - photography, scrapping, and different things I have created over the years
    12. a professional - my career and where I have worked and where I have (hopefully) finally settled
    I have more, but if I had to narrow it down, these would be a good summary. Thanks for sharing everyone, I am getting so many new ideas! =)

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