The County Fair In Photos

SImon on the coaster


Anna's first trip to the fair

First food; then rides by you.

IMG_2794 by you.

IMG_2724 by you.

Riding the wheel by you.

THURSDAY NIGHT : Awesome cooler weather with just a touch of a breeze. Dinner & an elephant ear. A bit of grouchiness from the older kid after he didn't win a game. A couple rides (the ferris wheel with mom & the haunted house with dad). Lovely light. Tons of excitement going in and really tired kids & parents coming out. Savoring the last few weeks of summer.

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57 thoughts

  1. amanda says…

    wow what adorable pictures of you and your hubby and the cute! love simon's grin! =)

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  2. Jenn A. says…

    All of these pictures are beautiful...I think I was holding my breath looking at them for a second. I love the last one of Simon looking so grown up and with those awesome lashes (no wonder guys don't wear mascara, haha!). :) Jenn

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  3. Leisa A. Hammett says…

    Beautiful photos! Found you on the web via your "tribe." I'm impressed and inspired!

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  4. Rachel P says…

    Very pretty pictures! Does the grey sweater you are wearing happen to be from Anthropologie? I've been eyeing one like it...

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  5. Erin Wells says…

    Awesome photos! Makes me want an elephant ear and french fries right now! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Loretta Artful Yogi says…

    Great photos, Ali. Sure hope you have at least one or two uposted shots for the "Blurry shot colletion!" :)

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