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Thanks for all the great comments this weekend. Lots to think about; lots to inspire action. 

Three people will win the entire Home Front collection (papers, stickets, journaling cards, and FabRips) from Studio Calico

1. Sara • 2010 word is FAMILY. This year we will welcome our 2nd child and all the adjustments that go with it. But mostly this motto will help me to feel less guilty about saying "no" to outside projects, no matter how worthy, and refocus on the core of my life.

2. Brooke • I'm not making any official resolutions but I do hope to change my lifestyle to include more outdoor activities this year. We are already on our way with more visits to parks and another family park outing planned for next weekend.
3. Diana • My one little word came to me in church today. It was almost like our pastor was talking to me. And I listened. There are many things I'd love to improve about myself, and the lynch pin for achieving most of them is "humility." Being humble, acknowledging others, practicing patience, and slowing down to listen and be in the moment are all intertwined. So, I am going to start 2010 by being humble.

One person will receive the January main kit from Studio Calico

Cynthia H • My word of the year is finished because I want to be finished with my dissertation this year and finished with a number of unfinished projects. It hasn't been enough to resolve to finish these projects in the past, so I have chosen the past tense version of the word to hopefully visualize them actually done rather than the process of getting them done. My action today was to set a timer and spend one hour on one unfinished project to get it closer to "finished"!

Three people will receive the lovely Word Of The Year necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs.  

1. Elisabeth Costa • Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome prizes:) This Friday my friend, Keri and I will be getting together for the third year in a row to complete either a page or canvas with our word and intentions for the new year. We both look forward to creating, sharing and beginning a new year filled with more creative excursions.
2. Shanna Germain • My word this year is... "Word" I'm a writer, and I often forget the smaller picture, the building blocks of what I do, because I'm looking bigger. At stories, at novels, at making a living and a life as a writer. This year, I want "word" to remind me to slow down, to choose carefully, to see the details. This way, word by word, I will build the year I am hoping for. Also, the word "word" has a lot of power. Word. Word up. Word? Wurd! :)
3. Melissa Rhodes • I am hoping to take pictures that represent my word this year and make an album with them! Kindness!

One person will receive the Life Documented kit from the new Simple Storiescollection by MemoryWorks.

Danielle Eaton • My word for this year is "rebuild" because we've had a hard one of the things that my husband and i are doing is getting back to the things that we enjoy and taking time for ourselves. I'm also planning on cooking more and we're being more intentional in our devotions each night before bed. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Three people will receive my new 365 Photo Overlay kit from Designer Digitals

1. Nicole • My word for the year is ORGANIZE. At one time, I was organized so that I could find things. Then children and life happened. I'd like to take this year and organize my life.
2. Gayle • I make a list every day and put my word on it - that way it is constantly on my mind.
3. Theresa • I've resolved to drink more water, less diet coke (my one vice!) So I bought a pretty glass and its sitting here beside me full of water :)

If you see your name above, congratulations! Please email me at ali at aliedwardsdesign dot com with your contact information. 

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10 thoughts

  1. Scrapbook Obsession says…

    Congrats ladies! What a wonderful way to start the new year. Thank you for offering the giveaways, Ali :)

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  2. Brooke says…

    Thank you Ali!! I'm proud to say I adopted my more outdoor lifestyle today and now I'll really have to keep it up!!

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  3. Paula in Australia says…

    Hi Ali
    Happy New Year to you all.... When are you posting the last days of your December Daily??? The suspense is killing me!!

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  4. Wendy A says…

    Congratulations everyone - what a great way to start the new year!!

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  5. Ali Edwards says…

    Hi Paula - hope to have it up tomorrow :).

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  6. Cynthia H says…

    Hooray! So exciting to win! Thank you! Another one of my actions to get my dissertation finished is to "Write First" - that is, to spend fifteen minutes writing before I do anything else for the day. What a treat to come to your blog after my fifteen minutes were up and find that I won a giveaway!! I feel like this bodes well for my word and my year.
    And I really like what Shanna wrote about her word being "word", especially the part about building a year, word by word.

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  7. Shanna Germain says…

    Oh, wow, I'm so excited! I can't believe that I'm going to be able to wear something that will remind me daily of my goals and dreams and hopes. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Best, s.

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  8. EmmaJ says…

    Congrats to the winners!
    I ordered my necklace from Lisa, I just love the new design for this year.

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  9. Nick Matyas says…

    Your comments is very informative.
    I like it very much. Keep up the good work.

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  10. aroy23094 says…

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