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Three people will receive spots in Mary Ann Moss’s online class Remains Of The Day.

#278 • Suz said…Set a timer for 20 minute increments and you’ll see just how much you get accomplished. Pick one drawer/shelf/cubby to clean out per day.Thanks for the chance to win!

#564 • Wendy A said…Ali – my best advice would be to start with one room going through everything in that room. Clean each item, & part with those things that may no longer be of use. I also use this time to put things back in their correct place and to clean out every single drawer, cabinet, closet, etc. in that particular room. It is a great way to tackle one room at a time without being overwhelmed with the idea of a complete home spring clean. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

#346 • Kara M said…Spring cleaning tip? hmmmmm….clean out – in order to really clean-up, get rid of those things you didn’t use over the winter time

Congratulations Suz, Wendy A, and Kara M! Please email me with your contact information.

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  1. Marge says…

    Hi Ali - I've been a blog reader of yours for YEARS. Simon is as recognizable to me as any Hollywood movie star! Was looking through some old issues of CK, and could pick out all the ones with Simon in them, no matter the age! I'm sure that in time, the same will apply to your wonderful daughter. You have a lovely family, and are truly blessed. Your scrapping friend, Marge.

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