Around The Yard | Mid-Late Summer


I'm thinking next year I might just do a flower-cutting garden instead of vegetables.


I so love the flowers that I can cut and bring right inside. The dahlias are just starting to explode and I wish I planted a whole lot more.


The sugar snap peas are doing well (except for a small area I saw today that looks like it has been dusted in white powder - a google search of white powder on sugar snap peas is not promising).

That's my one grape tomato so far.


Here's my beets, a couple radishes and a carrot - not too bad. That's the only carrot I've pulled up so far. It's not pretty but it tasted good.


The wisteria is giving us a second bloom.


And the sweet peas seem to just be starting to come around again after they didn't get quite enough water for a bit. Next year I want more of these too.


My extra lovely, very tall sunflower. It's the tallest of the group - I'd say there are about five that will still bloom.

I spent more time out there this weekend than I have in quite awhile.

Fertilizing, watering, weeding, dreaming, planning, enjoying, and photographing.

Soaking up the light.

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36 thoughts

  1. Deb P says…

    Fresh carrots are the best. I wish we did a garden this year. I did walk around and take photos but none were too pretty with the drought here in Texas. You can hear the ground crunch under your feet as you walk. My photos were of the cracks in the ground, and the brown grass.

    Never thought about having a cut flower garden.

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  2. Carol says…

    Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures. I am in Texas in the middle of a severe drought. I miss seeing such beautiful green things! I am going to keep your post handy for those days when brown just doesn't get it!
    I adore peonies, have you ever grown any of them? The smell is divine!

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    1. Ali says…

      Yes - I love them too. I had a couple plants I added to our yard this year but none of them bloomed.

  3. Debbie S. says…

    That's funny....I've been doing flowers for ten years and am trying to add in more fruit and veg for the family. I put in a pear, peach , and pomegranate this year. Lots more tomatoes but have only been moderately successful. I put them right in amongst the flowers and I think there is too much competition from the well-established rose bushes.

    I am so jealous of your dahlias! I've heard they are good up there...down in Socal they are work. I had a hard time keeping the squirrels out of them! :)

    Looks great...thanks for sharing!

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  4. Kathy Farnsworth says…

    Absolutely go for the cut flower garden! When we lived in Vancouver, WA I planted a cut flower garden and it was my favorite thing in the world. I was able to have flowers for the house from April till October. Now we live in southern Utah desert and boy do I miss those flowers.

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  5. kat-in-texas says…

    Oh, you're so lucky to have nice flowers this late in the summer. We're losing everything down here to a bad drought. Glad to see beautiful flowers are blooming in other places!!! :)

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  6. Anna Aspnes says…

    Beautiful Ali. Wondering what my garden is doing our absence.

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  7. Helen Shields says…

    Hi Ali, I to love to cut flowers and bring them in, the sweet peas and calendula (a bright orange flower) simply make me smile everytime I see and smell them. Have you considered companion planting. Some veg do really well with flowers next to them, it helps to keep pests at bay and it means you can have both veg and flowers!!

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  8. Liz H says…

    I long to bring my camera to your garden! Your photos are beautiful.

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  9. Jessica says…

    We're just getting over winter here in Australia but I'm definitely inspired by your idea of a cutting garden! We've only been here for a year, and with all the settling in, a moderately successful herb garden is all I've planted so far. Right now I'm excited to be busy planning my garden's expansion for this year and I for sure will be including some cutting flowers in the mix :)

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