December Daily™ 2011 | Day Seventeen

Welcome to December Daily™ 2011 | Day Seventeen.

A couple things before I share my page for today:

(1) There were lots of comments and questions about the longevity of receipts yesterday after seeing my collage of receipts page. I think I'll use this specific page as a test that we can revisit next December. I'm curious to see what happens to them. I looked back in my Project Life album from the beginning of 2011 (I've added receipts here and there) and they were all still intact (from Jan and Feb). I also looked back at my Week In The Life from 2007 which also included receipts - they were all still visible as well. So far it hasn't been my experience that they are all fading.

(2) The postal stamp that I included yesterday was actually stamped onto a piece of paper (as a receipt for something I sent) and I used a circle punch (1 inch) to add it to the metal rimmed circle tag.

(3) Now that the kids are out of school I might not get each of my posts up in the early AM as usual - it's still my goal. We are so close to Christmas!

Here's a look at Day Seventeen:

I took Anna to the Nutcracker Ballet last night and it was so cool. We'd been planning and talking about it for quite awhile - it was pretty magical.

The first page is a collage of photos using my December Daily™ Layered Template 6x8.5 set. I've got a tutorial for working with those files in Elements available here.

The "be jolly' chipboard accent is from My Mind's Eye Lost And Found Christmas.

For the second page I used a photo of Anna dancing at intermission.

JOURNALING | Sweet Anna Girl | This is how I want to remember our first adventure to the Nutcracker Ballet. You - spinning, twirling, dancing, jumping, giggling, and watching other little girls play and dance during intermission. You were so, so happy. The whole adventure was fun. We did leave early - you were tired - it was time. You really wanted to dance on the stage - I’m definitely going to sign you up soon for a fun ballet class. You wore a black dress with black tights and black sparkly shoes. We read the Nutcracker story a few times before we went so you’d know a bit about the story - you were excited to see Fritz, Clara, the Nutcracker, and the Mouse King and the Sugar Plum Fairy too. You had a little meltdown as we drove home - it was late and you were just done for the day - even crying, “I miss my brother.” When I asked you this morning if you want to go again next year you said “Yes, and next year I can go on the stage.” Love you Anna. Love experiencing life with you.

I love the little flag embellishments that are part of My Mind's Eye Lost And Found Christmas chipboard sheet. Star paper is from October Afternoon.

The last couple of times I've posted with text on my photos like this I've received a few questions about how I do it.

I'm not using any special technique - here's a look at my process:

1. I start by grabbing the T (text tool) and clicking on my image and dragging (while holding down the mouse) to create a text box. Doing it this way vs. just clicking on the image and beginning to type, is how you are able to create an editable text box (one that you can change the size of as you go along).

2. Then I start typing in my journaling. I usually get all of it in there before I start messing with returns and tabs.

3. After I've got all my words on there I start using the return key to create new lines where I'd like there to be a break (usually going around a body part or other "line" created by the image). I hit return and then I play with a combination of tabs and spaces to get the words where I want them. There may be a MUCH easier way (like creating a path and then doing a text wrap) but this is the way I'm doing it right now. The main thing for me is to make sure I know what I want to say before starting to mess with the returns.

Such a fun night.

And yes, my album is getting huge.


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64 thoughts

  1. Mindy says…

    So love seeing your work! Can you please share what size hole punch you use to punch your pages? Last year I used my crop-a-dile and my pages kept getting caught up on the jump rings that I used. I think maybe the holes were punched too small? I am still unhappy with the way that is bound- it is very hard to flip through it. Haven't punched any holes this year for fear of the same problem.

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  2. Jennifer B. says…

    tfs the text tutorial. I've been doing it the long way!

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  3. Carrie C says…

    You look gorgeous in the photo on the top left. :)

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  4. Lauralee Lien says…

    I love how you put your shoes next to each otherin a photo. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Lori Kae says…

    Your album inspirations are fantastic. You and Anna look just beautiful and I just love her spirit and energy. Precious.

    Thank you for all you teach us. I am feeling really happy about this year as I have kept up with taking pictures, telling stories and even simple word journaling about the moments and stories (even journaling on my iphone) and keep reminding myself that each day is truly enough just as it is. One Little Word has really made a difference in my overall journaling/story telling perspective and reflection practices. Each morning and evening I make sure I take five to ten minutes to reflect upon the events of the prior or current day(s).

    Receipt comment: Some of our receipts I have wanted to keep have faded or the ink has completely disappeared. So, in the last few years, I have either photographed the receipts or scanned them and reprinted them if they are "important" to the story I am telling. :) Some receipts I wish I would have done this with like our trip to Chicago to the American Girl store--but that was back in the days of film and not digital so I didn't even think about it.

    Praying your week is blessed and beautiful!

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  6. ErinK. says…

    This is such a great page. My great aunts used to take my cousin and I to see the Nutcracker every year! Such a cool tradition that I need to record!

    Thanks for sharing how to print words on photos!

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  7. ckcpurple says…

    absolutely beautiful and precious!!!! she and your son are going to cherish these books forever!!!

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  8. December Daily | Ali Edwards says…

    [...] December 17 [...]

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