And the giveaways go to...

One person will receive a March kit, Pier 39, from Cocoa Daisy.

  • #421 • Susan said…Cocoa Daisy’s kits always look great. Thanks for the chance to win.

Three (3) winners of die-cut business cards, each set has and est. cost of $70 from

  • #254 • Shelly K said…As always…great giveaways! Thanks for the chance!

  • #416 • Cheryl said…Thanks Ali. This is one of my favorite things about weekends.Cheryl

  • #103 • Mary said…Love Cocoa Daisy and all their fun ideas… Thanks so much for the inspiration and great giveaways!

Congratulations! We will be contacting the winners via email this week.

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5 thoughts

  1. Lisa W. says…

    Congrats to lucky little gals...cocao daisy is so YUMMY:) Enjoy!!!

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  2. susanmcl says…

    This morning I changed my on-line name from smcl to susanmcl thinking that it seemed more like a name, and Susan was sure to win. Well, I got my Jedi mind trick wires crossed!!! Susan did win, but it was another Susan. To tell you the truth I an kind of freaked by this "coincidence", because there are no coincidences. Really, I am marveling at this and wondering what I am to learn from this. WOW!

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  3. susan garner says…

    I guess you can't win them all but when i saw my name there for a moment i thought I had won ha ha.

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  4. JennE says…

    Congrats to the lucky ladies!

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  5. Shelly K says…

    That will be awesome!

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