And The Week In The Life 2012 Giveaways Go To...

A huge thank you to all my sponsors this year for Week In The Life 2012. Their support is greatly appreciated!

If you see your name below please send an email with your contact information to [email protected]. All winners below will be verified by email address (email address needs to match the email you used to leave a comment).


Two people will receive $35 gift certificates to Chic Tags.

  • #900 | Laura said…What cute tags–could do so much with those! And I love the hand-stamped jewelry!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • #557 | Sherri said…wow, these are both spectacular giveaways. thank you so much for the chance to win. this is my first time embarking on this project i’m a little apprehensive, i don’t want to let myself. really hoping to be able to keep up.

Two people will receive a $50 gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl.

  • #865 | Kelsey said…Would love to use those tags in my Project Life and can easily find a way to spend $50 at the lovely Vintage Pearl!

  • #19 | Monika said…I love these giveaways! Thank you!


Three people will receive a $10 gift certificate to A Life Handmade.

  • #284 | Jennifer C said…I could buy alot of flair with that GC!!!!!

  • #31 | Jennifer said…Love those buttons:)

  • #748 | Rebecca W said…Some truly fabulous giveaway- thanks for sharing!

One person will receive an April Bigger and an April Smaller Than A Breadbox kit from Apron Strings.

  • #214 | amy said…yay! great giveaways thanks for the chance ali!


Five people will receive a $25 Gift Card to Simon Says Stamp.

  • #147 | Pat Rex said…I need to update my tools! And I love stamps……….

  • #698 | Cheryl SD said…This is a fun week with great giveaways! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • #419 | Melissa Rydjeski said…Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  • #585 | Debbie Baker said…What a fantastic giveway, hope I win.

  • #505 | Tutteli said…Thanks for the chance to win

Five people will receive a Xyron Essential Tools pack.

  • #151 | hanna said…thanks as always for the wonderful giveaway

  • #361 | Ashtyn said…I have my fingers crossed for all of us!!!

  • #375 | Becky Sorensen said…What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  • #132 | Holly Dunham said…Ahh. Stamps! That sounds fun! Thanks for the giveaway Ali!

  • #762 | Marie A. said…Thanks for the chance to win!


One person will receive a goodie bag filled with over $100 in products from Scrapbook Daily Deals.

  • #242 | Cathy said…Great giveaways

The Lilypad is giving away one of each of the following (each one is over $150 in product):


Three people will receive prize packs worth $50 from Elle’s Studio.

  • #53 | Nina Chow said…Always great giveaways Ali. Thx for the chance to win.

  • #349 | heidig said…I adore Elle’s Studio – the tags are cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • #176 | kate said…ah, yes, sign me up. GREAT giveaways!

Five people will receive a spot in Kidding Around 3, Tami Morrison’s popular summer workshop at Big Picture Classes.

  • #686 | Lisa cox said…Elle’s studio is awesome.

  • #165 | {vicki} said…I Love Elle’s StudioThanks for the chance

  • #456 | Jerri said…Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  • #73 | Lorinda said… Elle’s Studio has some awesome products! Thanks A

  • #268 | Wendy WendtVanGuilder said…I love tags.. Good luck everyone. thanks Ali and Sponsors.


Five people will receive a “Week in the Life Adhesive Kit” that includes Zots Adhesive Dots, SuperStik, Foam Squares, Sticky Strip Adhesive Runner, Fabric Fuse, SuperTape, and Vellum Adhesive Runner from Therm O Web.

  • #345 | Glynis said…Thanks so much for the kit!

  • #521 | Elizabeth said…Thanks for the chance!

  • #110 | Tammy Davis said…Love their adhesive! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • #539 | Camile said…Oh My God!!! So many great gifts!!! Thanks a lot for the chance to win!

  • #379 | tammy perkins said…This has been so much fun – thanks!!!


Five people will receive the complete April City Of Lights kit from Studio Calico.

  • #503 | Awbree said…I would love to win something!!!!!!! I need some new goodies!

  • #1157 | Kim said…awesome giveaways!!!

  • #908 | Kelly_S_ said…Wow! That’s a great line-up of sponsors! Thanks for the giveaways!

  • #739 | Carla G. said…Wow! So many great products!

  • #773 | Michelle N said…Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

Two people will receive annual memberships to The Daily Digi valued at $82.50 each.

  • #428 | Jennifer F. said… Wow- such an amazing giveaway! Fantastic! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  • #290 | Sarah F said…Amazing giveaways as usual. I had a great week doing this!

One person will receive the May Card Kit from Simon Says Stamp.

  • #308 | Michelle huegel said…Thank you to all the sponsors and to.Ali for inspiring me to attempt WitL for the first time this year7

One person will receive Scrapbook Circle’s upcoming May Kits: The Story.

  • #776 | Trina H said…What a great range of giveaways would be over the moon to win any of them. Thanks for the opportunity. Fingers are crossed.

One person will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Saturated Canary.

  • #1224 | Leah said…Awesome end to a fabulous week!

Three people will receive a spot in Debbie Hodge’s online workshop Scrapbook Page Layering.

  • #1174 | TaraMcK said…Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  • #174 | Tiffani said…Oh wow! All of these are fabulous!

  • #105 | Lauren T said…Yeah! These are great . . . Crossing my fingers! Thanks!

Five people will receive free registration for themselves and a friend to a class of their choice (which could even include our current die cutting class, A Cut Above) from

  • #153 | Melissa said…Great giveaways!! Hope I win!

  • #602 | Shelley D. said…What a great way to wrap-up the week! Thanks, Ali!

  • #582 | audra said…I’m loving the giveaways this week, great variety! Thanks for the chance!

  • #738 | Iris Fox said…crossing my fingers & toes! thanks for the chance to win.

  • #119 | Sheena said…wow, awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Five people will receive an Essential Tools pack from Xyron.

  • #486 | rhonda robson said…wow! look at all of this!!! good luck to all!

  • #1055 | Margaret S. said…Thanks for the chance to win great prizes!

  • #385 | MShim said…Your killing me here, I want to win so badly!!!!!

  • #152 | Jen said…Such amazing giveaways!

  • #500 | michelle said…Awesome prizes.Love to see your work!

Thank you again and have a great rest of the week!

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49 thoughts

  1. dawn says…

    Congrats to alllllll the winners!! ENJOY!!
    Thanks Ali and sponsors for these great giveaways!!

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  2. Vera says…

    Wow! So many names, not one mine. haha. But that's cool too, enjoy your prizes everyone! :)

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. Pidgen says…

      Ditto!! LOL!! Congrats to everyone who did win! :)

  3. paulaflavia says…

    Congrats many things to be happy scrapping.

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. Kimberly says…

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. Mandy says…

    Thank you Ali for a great week. It's a lot of time and energy to put all those giveaways together and let everyone know all those winners! Wow! Congrats everyone. Thanks for all you do, I enjoyed WITL! =)

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. Sandi M says…

    Kudos to you and your sponsors for another FABULOUS WITL. You are an inspiration to so many! Thanks for all you do.

    Reply 0 Replies
  7. jaimee h. says…

    congrats to all the winners!!!! what an awesome week of sponsors. And thanks Ali for inviting us to join in on this journey with you. I have to say for my first "week in the life" i ended up with a crazy week. I am looking forward to reflecting on it as i put together my book.

    Reply 0 Replies
  8. Tammy Davis says…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so excited! Love Thermo O Web products!

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  9. Lynn Wigren says…

    Wow, unbelievable how many giveaways there were! Congrats to the winners - have fun!

    Reply 0 Replies
  10. audra says…

    thank you Ali, so HAPPY to see my name!

    Reply 0 Replies
  11. Ruth G says…

    Congrats to all the winners! Enjoy! Thanks, Ali, for all the time it had to take to pick winners and post them all! Thanks to the sponsors for offering up such wonderful products!

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  12. JillT says…

    Have to thank you too for doing this. Seeing the long list all together, it took a lot of your time to gather prizes and now to connect the winners to their prize.

    Reply 0 Replies
  13. Angi in CO says…

    Great week, Ali! Thank you for putting WITL together and for being so encouraging and inspirational!

    Reply 0 Replies
  14. Faith says…

    Yay to all the winners!

    Reply 0 Replies
  15. Jill in Frisco, Tx says…

    Thanks for the opportunity to play along. Congrats to all of the winners.

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  16. Beth Ann says…

    That's a whole lot of awesome prizes and a whole lot of lucky winners. Congrats to everyone!!

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  17. Kim Brown says…

    Congrats to all the winners. They got some great items!

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  18. Paula says…

    Wow, what a huge list of winners - I'm happy for each of you and thanks again Ali and to your sponsors for all you give to us!

    Reply 0 Replies
  19. Kim says…

    I see a "Kim" up there, but I have no idea if it's me????? I'm sure there are a LOT of Kims.

    Reply 0 Replies
  20. Vanessa Babin says…

    Congrats to all the winners. What great prizes from awesome sponsors!

    Reply 0 Replies
  21. Cynthia B. says…

    Thanks for a great week, Ali! Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all your sponsors too!

    Reply 0 Replies
  22. Pat Rex says…

    Ali, just to let you know, you are the best. Hang in there!
    Here is to another wonderful Week In The Life!

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  23. Cathy Doerr says…


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  24. Stacie says…

    Congrats, everyone!

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  25. Lucy says…

    You've made a lot of people happy with their great prizes. Even those of us who didn't win had fun playing along and learning new things. It was a great week.

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