Lane County Fair In Photos 2012

This year I took the kids to the county fair on my own and it was awesome.

This year as I was taking photos I was thinking about relationships and light and color.

This year Anna was tall enough to get to ride all but one of the "kiddie" rides and she was so happy.

Except on this roller coaster. She was a little afraid and had the best faces as she was going around and around. They were a combination of fear and joy - I think she wasn't totally sure what to make of the whole thing.

This year Simon was super excited to ride this one on his own:


Lifting up.

Coming back down with his hair wind-blown and the biggest smile on his face.

And I can't pass by the photo booths.

The kids are willing participants in this activity and insist on each going in on their own.

Simon decided to do all the same face this year (and thought it was pretty funny that he didn't smile at all) and Anna had a fun little variety of expressions happening in her set. They chose color and I went with the black and white booth.

Check out my photos from past years at our local county fair:

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28 thoughts

  1. Carolyn says…

    I love that they ride the rides together. Hope they always enjoy their sibling bond. Love the photo booth photos, and I agree, that is a crazy high ride, way to go Simon!

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  2. Charlene Austin says…

    OK, it's freaking me out a bit that the little baby girl you just had is 5 years old and in Kindergarten?? NO WAY....that cannot have happened because I am NOT willing to get older that fast!!!

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