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Today as part of the Behind The Brand series I would like to introduce you to AesaLina from Freckled Fawn.

How did you get started with your business? How long have you been in business?

I have always dabbled in eccommerce but Freckled Fawn was my first store where nothing was actually handcrafted by me. I opened up shop in January 2012; it began as a hobby but it eventually took over our entire basement, garage, and has now become a washi tape entity that may earn it's own zip code one day. Richard ended up leaving his finance job to work for Freckled Fawn and now pretends like he's so into scrapbook. What began as an online boutique has now turned into a company that specializes in scrapbooking embellishments and provides a monthly embellishment kit called OHDEERME.

What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur may rival birthing a child in its intensity and level of exhaustion. I joy in the ability to sketch a dream, apply skill, hope, and prayer, and watch the dream unfurl as reality.

Where are you located? What’s your favorite thing about the city you live in?
Currently we are located in Utah. I love how the in the winter everything glistens quite nicely and how muted the world seems--the snow holding all the sounds close to the ground. I have a obsessive daydream about moving (please don't tell my parents, they're a bit testy on the subject) to someplace with lots of green trees and a nice piece of land so we can have chickens, rabbits, and perhaps a cow.

What inspires you?
Inspiration is a complete disaster for me. It comes quite suddenly and renders me unable to function coherently until I'm able to find a writing utensil (usually a broken crayon) to sketch down the idea (usually on a ripped envelope). If you see me bumbling around the house chewing on a pen and muttering variations of "oh that would be cute" I'm probably having one of my moments. Richard has learned to avoid me during such times, least I pester him with questions like, "So, would you use this on a scrapbook page?" to which he'll have to make up answers like, "Oh, yes. It would be so totes adorbs on my PL spread" lest I continue to molest him. Poor boy.

What goodies are on your wish list?
Oh, you know, world peace... and perhaps an Alaskan cruise or some cute shoes from Target.

Tell us something new that is happening with your business:
I have had a BIG secret since March. March, people. March. And I wasn't able to announce it until August 1. So that's pretty much me keeping a secret for six months which almost killed me--I have the hardest time keeping secrets/surprises. We just announced our OHDEERME Embellishment Kit. Each month we release a kit full of embellishments designed/manufactured by Freckled Fawn. With the OHDEERME embellishments in hand, browsing (and using up!) your personal paper stash will become an exciting endeavor as you preserve your memories, fashion a card for just the right occassion, or add flair to a gift for a special person. This will basically be the most amazing kit club in the history of ever and you should definitely subscribe. No pressure!

AesaLina Compton (known as "Doe") is a former professional editor gone scrapbook entrepreneur. She hordes vintage brass figurines, crochets almost every day, suffers a salted-caramel-cupcake-addiction, and is pretty much obsessed with her husband, three children, and two puppies.

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  1. Patti McHugh says…

    I loved reading this! I'm a fan! I joined the OHDEERME kit club and I'm so excited for the first month. Counting down the days!

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  2. Carol Mc says…

    Great interview. Loved reading it.

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  3. Suz says…

    I loved reading more about you and how your business came to be Doe! Hope to catch up with you again in Anaheim in Jan. The OHDEERME kit is adorable and a fabulous concept! Best wishes for much continued success.

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  4. annette allen says…

    awesome interview.. always nice to get to know behind the scenes..

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  5. Karla says…

    Love hearing more about Doe. I love FF!

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  6. Veronica says…

    Woman I adore you. I am blessed to call you my friend!

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  7. Joy says…

    I love buy from Freckled Fawn their stuff is so cute and communication is great. I am in Sydney and just purchased another order which I can't wait to get. I have not joined any of the scrap-booking kit clubs yet as I am not sure about locking in to a club, For months I have been locked into the Technique Tuesday AE stamps and love those, but if truth be told I am much more of a buyer then a doer at the moment.

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  8. Jean A Marmo says…

    Such fun reading! Love Freckled Fawn products!

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  9. Bonney says…

    Great series. Interesting, quirky interview.

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  10. susanfernando says…

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    Nice discus!!!

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