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Ah, Saturday.

It usually takes me a couple days to settle in to the kids being away. It's at that point (a day or so after they leave) that I take a really deep breath and start imagining all the things I could do around the house.

Some weekends I take the opportunity to catch up or get ahead on work (feels like that's been the majority of the time lately). Some weekends I do nothing but lay on the couch and watch movies or I go to the movies (either by myself or with friends). Some weekends I spend time with Aaron and his kids or we head off on an adventure together. Some weekends I cook or organize or get all caught up on the laundry (I did four loads today).

This weekend I've got a little bit of everything going on: work, cleaning/organizing, time with Aaron and fun with friends.

Here's a look at my Saturday:


Started the day by picking a bunch of tomatoes. These are the volunteers that came up on their own after I let last year's decompose in this raised bed. Pretty cool for doing nothing but giving them a little water and fertilizer this summer.



I brought them inside and made BLT sandwiches.

Aaron added scrambled eggs and cheese to his sandwich. Mine was classic.


Listening to the start of the University Of Oregon football game. Two cups of coffee + Pinterest browsing for me.


George. Napping. The usual.

I kept the laundry going today and folded a bunch of clothes.


Working in the early afternoon. Listening to Mumford & Sons.


My friend Kim and I did a bit of wandering and chatting and purchasing (Gap and TJ Maxx) in the afternoon. I originally met Kim in college at Oregon State (just about 20!!! or so years ago) and it's been really fun reconnecting and getting the chance to hang out over the last few years. I enjoy her.

She's the one that thought Aaron and I should meet.


She's good at that kind of stuff.

After that I had some noodles (that would be Top Ramen) for dinner, did a bit more work in my office and then headed over to Aaron's to hang out and watch a movie.


I'd love to have you include a link to your SATURDAY of words and photos here. Please link directly to your post vs. your general blog link. Thank you!



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23 thoughts

  1. Michelle says…

    Hi Ali I was wondering if you are going to tilt your photos when you place them in your photo collage templates to line up with the diagonal orientation? Funny how I have just become aware of how many "lines" there are in my photos.

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    1. Heather Hare says…

      I tilted mine. I think it looks cool! :)

  2. dawn says…

    I'm kinda sad today is the last day, it's been so much fun for me. Brought out my camera all week and only took a few on my cell, love this!

    Is this week making anyone else excited for December Daily??

    Love the shirt and those yummy tomatoes!

    Have a great last day everyone!!!

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  3. Brooke says…

    Sunday night here, so I am done. Love what I have captured and can't wait to analyse my big picture when I put it altogether. I jumped in with no planning and am glad I did. As always thanks for the inspiration and the memories you have challenged me to capture.

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  4. sharon71 says…

    This is my first year doing WITL - it is Sunday night here - and I just wanted to say thank you.

    This project has made me think more about what we are doing everyday, the places, and the people.

    I am looking forward to finishing up my album in the next few days. Your templates have been great to use.

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  5. Monika Wright says…

    We were listening to the same game on the radio, but from the University of Tennessee perspective, while we were priming our house in preparation for painting. Wow, what a powerhouse Oregon is!

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  6. Joan says…

    I am eager to learn more about taking a photo every day!

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  7. Laura says…

    Ali, you have enough tomatoes to oven roast...cut up, add garlic, olive oil, s&p, onions chopped and herbs of choice, 400 degrees for about a half hour or so...yummy alone hot, or cold in pasta salad, or over hot pasta, so many possibilities.

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  8. Courtney W says…

    It's Sunday here and I'm so sad this project is almost over! It's really helped me look at the little details in our lives and our daily routines.

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  9. iHanna says…

    What a glorious photo week it's been, thanks for inspiring me and so many others to diving into a project like this! I am in LOVE with my photos from this week, and my life I guess. Thank you Ali!

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  10. Carrie says…

    Looks like it was a great day!

    Kim - can you play matchmaker for me? :)

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  11. Michelle W says…

    Looks like a fun Saturday!

    Unfortunately, I forgot about WITL this year. My entire week would have revolved around my son's school and marching band. Would have been a bit interesting in the sheer amount of work that I put in this week, plus the craziness.

    Saturday was our home competition. First of the season.

    When our band took the field, I sat in the stands and cried. All the work. I put my heart & soul into getting ready for that moment for 2 weeks. And, I was so tired. From the day. From the mad dash to get to the stands to watch. From only finishing up with the last gauntlets an hour before.

    It was worth it though!

    Here's to many more Saturdays! Crazy, busy, lazy, relaxing...loving life.

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  12. Britt Bass says…

    This might be inappropriate, but I totally clicked on this post because your dude is super hot. Congrats on that Ali Edwards. ;)

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  13. Barefoot Mommy says…

    Love your tomatoes! I think I will try that this year and see what happens. Just leave them there. I'm on the Pacific North-West as well.

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  14. suew says…

    thanks for the garden fix Ali!!!

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  15. Jennie says…

    Just got back from vacation in England, Wales and France. Organizing all my goodies to begin putting things in to project life.

    Picked up a book I thought you'd be interested in: "The Amazing Story Generator" -- Mix and Match Writing prompts by Jason Sacher. It works like those children's books where you can change the head, middle, bottom by turning the different thirds of the pages. You get starters like "With a new outlook on life a friendly ex-convict meets the ghost of Ernest Hemingway". It's a different take on memory keeping, but can offer some interesting angles on journaling/.

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  16. Shereen says…

    I didn't participate this year myself. But I REALLY enjoyed checking out everybody else's pics.

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  17. Val'ee says…

    Totally wonderful tomatoes! Thanks, Ali.

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  18. sheri says…

    cute striped top, Ali. Where did you get it?

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  19. Jo-Anne from ZA says…

    Hi Ali!

    Your friend has done a really MAGICAL job by putting you and Aaron in the same room:-)

    The 2 of you just look sooooo FAB and RAD together. AND you look so VERY HAPPY Ali!!!

    A match made in heaven:-):-)

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  20. Mary in IL says…

    Nice mixture of relaxation and work(?)...:-)

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  21. lucie says…

    Hy Ali !

    I find your great working !

    I would like to know how you work ?
    You work is so great ! Imaginative ! But, by where it does need to begin to try the scrapbooking ?

    (I'm french and 25 years)

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  22. Parajumpers New Big Bend M says…

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