She Just Likes To Play


Note taken on September 20th.

This morning she climbed out of her bath and announced she was a cat.


"Mommy pick me up like I'm a cat."

So I wrapped her up in a towel and picked her up from the ground like I'd pick up George and carried her into her bedroom to get dressed for school.

Our before-school-morning was smooth as I played along with her pretending to be a cat and it was a blessing because these first couple weeks of adjusting back to school have been tough.

Today she said yes to a different skirt that she's said no to every single day of school so far. She was happy and cooperative as that little kitty cat, eating her breakfast and even letting me put her hair in pig-tails.

I played along.

And it was really pretty magical.

She just likes to play. It's definitely one of her love languages.

Meow, sweet girl, meow.

PS | She also told me that she has a really good boy's voice when she plays with her dolls.

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29 thoughts

  1. Suz says…

    Great memories Ali! TFS.

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  2. Janis from ID says…

    So wonderfully sweet!! She is a lucky little gal to have you for her mama kitty.
    <3 J

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  3. Anne says…

    Ali, my heart is melting reading about your morning. I wish I had been so patient when my daughters were younger (now 19 & 15). Enjoy these moments as they go by much too quickly. They are the times you will cherish!

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