December Daily® 2013 | Day 22, 23, 24, and 25


Welcome to December Daily™ 2013 | Days Twenty-Two through Twenty-Five.

I took some time today to finish up my 2013 album and am ready to move on to the next projects! I'm one of those people that is ready to be done with Christmas when it's over and am ready to move on to thinking about the new year and One Little Word.

Days 22-25 were spent at my parents house on the coast. There were lots of opportunities for photos and I so loved having my family all together. It was perfectly imperfect.

One of the things I remembered again this year is that Christmas tends to bring to the forefront all the real things in our lives. What I mean by that is that it brings together the past and the present, the challenges and the success, the fears and the hopes, the sadness and the joy, the hard edges and the softness.

It's a very emotional time no matter your family circumstances.

I was emotional again this year and I think I just need to joyfully accept that this is the way it's going to be and simply live it - remembering again my goal to live the length and the width - rather than trying to stuff it inside.

So thankful for my family - a wonderfully crazy group of people that are family by blood and by choice who are all doing the best they can everyday.

And thank you for playing along again this year with December Daily™. I hope it helped you to celebrate and savor the season!

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Here's a look at my last few days:


December 22 features a photo of me sitting at the window in my Mom's computer office area. It was an awesome place to work on my album.


I continued to print all my 4x6 with a white border using my Epson PictureMate. Super simple.


Day 22 went on for a couple of pages. I knew I was going to have enough page protectors so I just printed up a bunch of photos and then cut a page protector in half to get the two 3x4 pockets.

The top one holds a gift tag and string and the bottom one hold a small gift bag with three chipboard embellishments on top.


The back of the bottom pocket includes a couple post-it notes where my Dad had written crab weights and costs. The crab this time was really insanely good. It's usually good but it was especially good this time - very white and full. Delicious.


I finished up Day 22 with a photo of some of us visiting the lights at Shore Acres and a photo of my Dad and I picking the crab.


Day 23 includes a few pages as well.


"Merry and Bright" is from my digital set of Merry Everything.


It was fun to have new things to take photos of this year. Loved seeing all those kids and kids of kids stalkings hanging from my parent's mantle.


I used the checklist card to include our family and friends who spent time with us at the beach this year.


Day 24 was all about opening presents. It worked well for us to spread the opening throughout the day and my journaling talks about that choice.


I used some ribbon from one of the packages to create a tab (stapled on with a tiny attacher).


I cut up some more of the Webster's Pages It's Christmas overlay and placed it on top of a photo of the girl cousins. I added some more stars and sequins in the pocket above and sewed it shut right on top of the photo.


We took so many cousin photos and I don't think there was a single one where they were all standing or sitting still and looking at the camera. Totally okay - I'll work with what I have!

Simon may never take off those Santa jammies.


For Christmas Day I added a photo from my parents in the morning and then a photo I took at Chris' house in the evening.


I included a 4x6 journal card that outlined the timeline for Christmas Day. Above I added some paper that Santa used to wrap gifts this year.


On the back I included a lottery ticket and a letter to all the kids from Santa.


For my final page I printed out something I found on Pinterest. You can find it here.

Again, thank you for joining me on this journey! Wishing you all the best in the new year!


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28 thoughts

  1. Mary Sara P. says…

    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. You bring such joy and inspiration. Thank yo uso much for sharing.

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  2. Kelly Henricksen says…

    This is my first year doing the December daily and I thought that I would not fill the album up. I was wrong - it was a very busy and exciting and challenging month. Thank you so much Ali for letting me go on this journey with you. I am a big fan and have follow many projects of yours and I must say the one thing I have got out of everything is the importance of the story and to embrace the imperfections. Thank you again so much, I wish your family and yourself and safe and happy new year. Best wishes for 2014

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  3. pam says…


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  4. Marina D-k says…

    Thank you so much for sharing this project. I enjoy the peek into your holiday season. I've never done a December Daily but enjoy seeing all the lovely iterations around the internet. Grateful for the creativity and inspiration you bring into all of our homes. Wonderful new year wishes to you and your family!

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  5. Little C says…

    Ali thank you so much for sharing this with us. Haven't tried DD yet but would love to in the future. Just ordered an Epson "charm" printer for a late Christmas gift and hope printing my own photos will help.Thanks so much for being you and "keeping it real." Many blessings to you, Katie and your "crew" in the new year!

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. Brooke says…

    Totally agree with bringing forth the real in our lives. I was so emotional this month, we'll just go with the time of year as my reason!

    I really wanted to say that you have an amazing family, a wonderful mix and it's simple to see how much you treasure one another. Instagram pics say a lot and I'm considering joining to see my life displayed before me like that - lots to learn.

    One of my gifts from my husband was a seat in your OLW class. He wrapped it up in some tea towels (which truly was something I wanted and needed) and I got quite the surprise. Merry Christmas!!

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  7. Katrina says…

    "Christmas tends to bring to the forefront all the real things in our lives." Yes, this. I will admit that I texted KP and Barb after I saw the Instagram of you, the kids, and Chris. I struggled A LOT with the real this year - not the first time inviting my ex, but particularly hard this year. I cried seeing the support that you rec'd on IG. Cried with relief & empathy for you, and cried with a pang of wanting the same recognition for choosing the right, but sometimes SO hard, path.

    Thank you, as always, for being an amazing source of inspiration....

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  8. Jennifer says…

    My divorce was 6 years ago. Kids are same age as yours and its also very amicable and focused on them. However, Christmas always seems to bring out a host of feelings.... doubts, memories past, and joy. I've decided 2014s word will be resilient. Here's to making it through and facing the far and wide. Thank you for sharing your life and talents with us. Long time memory keeper and I still find you inspiring and relatable. Blessings to you and yours for a happy new year.

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  9. JustB says…

    Christmas isn't really over till January 6th. Remember, the Twelve Days of Christmas are AFTER, not before. A good time for you to wind down, relax, relfect, and enjoy.....rather than be over with it : )

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. Ali says…

      You are right. I should have clarified that I'm done with this project :) - my tree is definitely still up!

  10. Kathy says…

    Thanks again Ali for inspiring us to record these wonderful moments of Christmas festivities. I am doing a little digital 8x8 album this year so I was working on some pages this morning. I really love this project and am grateful that you have the time yourself over this busy period to (i) do this project (ii) post every day and (iii) inspire people to do what they can to document this wonderful time. Thanks again and I know Christmas would have been difficult doing the split family's hard enough to fit in parents let alone your childrens parents in two different places. You have handled this change in life with such grace. Hoping that 2014 brings you peace and happiness...Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

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  11. Alicia says…

    Great pages. Great insights. Great reason to document this season every year.

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  12. Patti L says…

    Love how your album came out. Looks great. Nice that you actually finished in the same month! Can't say the same for my projects that are similar.

    I've learned over the past few years that acceptance is a constant thing that needs to be worked at...sometimes it seems you hit a point where all is ok, but things creep up from time to time and that's ok. Stay the course.

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  13. Paula says…

    Heartfelt and well done! Love how you described your extended familys time together! On my end, anxieties run very high and sometimes panic attacks sprout at large family get togethers for my daughter, who is a teen on the spectrum. So we do some "weird" stuff, very spontaneous breaks for a car ride in the midst of celebrating, etc. - whatever it takes, we go with the flow and try to embrace the imperfect. It works, everyone's feelings are respected and valued and the memories are made "in real time" regardless of how they were originally planned out.

    Reply 0 Replies
  14. Sylvia says…

    So, so enjoyed watching your album grow! Thanks a lot for spreading so much holiday cheer in blogland - love your awesome work! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Reply 0 Replies
  15. Addie says…

    I really enjoyed all the IG pics between you and your sister! Great job with your album! And so true about Christmas being an emotional time but also a time to be so thankful!

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  16. Leanne in CA says…

    Oh my gosh, I love this! Thanks so much for sharing with us all month. Hope you have a fabulous 2014!!

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  17. dawn says…

    Beautiful pages Ali, love them!! I have a note my mom left at my house in one of my pockets, love that I will have this and see her handwriting. So glad you had lots of family with you and sorry for the emotional and not what you thought would be like for you. It is stressful for our family due to divorce of my parents and my sister, we have to readjust every year. It never gets easy but finding the small blessings each time helps.
    Thanks so much for this project and sharing your December with us.
    I'm also done with it after Christmas, even my PL is always very weak at the end. My new album for 2014 is half filled up and ready for pictures!!
    Did you mention what kit/album you'll be using next year?

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  18. Debra says…

    Oh, Ali, thank you for sharing your heart with us. Your words about Christmas bringing to the forefront all the real things in our lives made so much sense to me. Thank you too for dec daily - it's been a gift to me over the years.

    Reply 0 Replies
  19. Michelle says…

    An emotional kind of Christmas indeed - so much so that I haven't closed off the album as I am still processing. Thank you for sharing your December 2013 Ali, what you have shared has been real, and that makes my real easier to document than it would normally be. So so glad I joined you on this journey xx

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  20. Kathryn says…

    "Love Actually" is probably my favorite 'Christmas' movie. ADORE Hugh Grant dancing as the prime minister. :D Happy New Year, Ali!

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  21. Ximena says…

    Ali, thank you so much for sharing your December. You're always a source of inspiration!
    On another note, do you think you could make a video of your completed album, like the ones you do for Week in the Life? It's so much fun to see your albums all together at once.
    Happy New Year and thanks again!

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  22. project life 2013 update | december and last page. | verbs and vignettes says…

    […] been following ali’s blog, and her december daily project. there was no way i was going to attempt a second scrapbook-type project if i wanted any […]

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  23. Sarah says…

    I did it! My first EVER completed album and I LOVE it. I still have a few bits I want to add. Appreciate the time to reflect on the busy times of the holidays. Thank you, Ali, for your inspiration and encouragement. - Sarah

    Reply 0 Replies
  24. Hollie says…

    I love the concept of December Daily! It's such a fun way to document the season. I hope this doesn't come accross as being too nosey, but I'm very curious about the comments and pics with the crab. The only experience I have with it is eating legs at Red Lobster, lol. I'm just perplexed as to why your dad wrote the weights to all the parts and prices down that way. Does he catch and sell them? And I see your picking them together. Do you eat the meat afterward, alone or in a dish? It looks like an interesting family tradition, and the whole thing just spiked my interest.. Thanks. :)

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  25. Jen says…

    Ali, you are such a wonderful inspiration in this project. Thank you!

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