Give Sunday | 01

Fall And Rise Word Art By Ali Edwards

This year, in honor of my One Little Word® "give," I'm planning to share a hand-drawn quote each Sunday here on my blog.

It will be words that inspire me, many of which will likely come from my "Words" board on Pinterest

I hope these words will also inspire you in one way or another and you will be encouraged to look at the ways you and your family give to yourselves, to each other, and to the world. 

To help you start thinking about ways to give I designed a #givesunday word art set with a checklist. It includes a 4x6 card, the title and the checklist (because, you know, we document). 

Click here to download the #givesunday word art.

And here's the quote for this week (if anyone has a source for this quote I'd love to know - it was listed as "unknown" on Pinterest): 

Updated with attribution: Looks like this is a mash-up of a couple quotes from Ritu Ghatourey and Brigitte Nicole (via this pin - thanks Liz for locating that)

Click here to download the #givesunday 01 quote.

You're invited to join me. What will you give today? 

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

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71 thoughts

  1. nicolernorman says…

    Okay, I clicked that download link from Feedly and it took me to your "Bummer" page and now I am sitting here laughing out loud at the clip of you and Simon! :) Downloaded fine from the post on your site. Thanks!!!

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  2. katiedidit says…

    Thank you for the great word art. I found two sites that identified the author as Ritu Ghatourey.

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  3. abragg79 says…

    Thank you so much for these gorgeous files!

    Yesterday, I gave (or tried to, at least) my patience. I wasn't feeling the best and neither was my son and that always leads to disagreements. But we tried. ;)

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  4. sls327 says…

    Thank you!

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  5. tlcd1961 says…

    Thank you, Ali! These WA's are all SO wonderful! I still love your "Bummer" page! You are both SO cute!

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  6. Kim_Kaslow says…

    This long quote touched my heart in a very special way today...thank you and thank you for sharing!!

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  7. sugarybrown says…

    Thank you so much...

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  8. chp97 says…

    Oh dear Ali. Love these words! I also want to thank you as I went to a book signing tonight with a Canadian musician and instead of being at a loss for words because of nerves, I remembered what you said in the airport with Ethan Hawke. So after seeing David Usher being interviewed at a Writer's Festival for his book on Creativity, I confidently said "thank you for sharing your gift" as you did. He smiled and said thank you and it felt genuine as he signed our books and took a photo with about 200 people. Thank you Ali for all you do :)

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  9. nassnathy says…

    Dear Ali,
    Just 3 weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris, you do not know how much this resonates with me! THANK YOU!
    Nathalie (from Tours, France)

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  10. norineboland says…

    Hi Ali,
    I just found these 'give Sunday' sayings. They are fabulous. I want to comment on this first one because at this time in my life it speaks loudly to me. I've lost two of the most important people to me in the past year and a half - my Mom and Dad. This holiday season is proving to be very difficult for me. Much more so than I thought. Your kindness and your words help. Thanks for being you and sharing who you are with us!

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  11. kelsterjean says…

    I just downloaded a bunch of your quotes, and I wanted to say, once again, THANK YOU for sharing these with us! They are all beautiful and will help support my stories. You are such an amazing person and thank you so much for continuing to inspire others with what you do.

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  12. Rowlandson313 says…

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