Because Choosing Glasses Should Be Fun

Hi, my name is Ali Edwards and I wear glasses. 

Every single day. 

I remember being in grade school and dreaming about how I would love to be able to wear glasses (which of course Anna asks for from time to time now too). When it became a reality I was actually excited but as I've gotten older sometimes they just seem more annoying than anything else. One of the things that has started to make it fun is having more than one pair at a time. For twenty plus years I had one pair at a time. Over the last year, through my partnership with David Kind, owning more than one pair has made it fun because they've become more of an accessory (and you know I don't really do a lot of those either) rather than just picking up the same pair everyday. 

Bring on the "fun" Ali, right? 

Last year I partnered with David Kind to share my process of selecting glasses using their awesome try-on-at-home service. You can read about my experience last time here and here. I have loved going back and forth between the green and black pairs. It usually comes down to which one is sitting next to my bed when I get up in the morning. 

I'm back again with another round of silly photos of me showing the pairs I have to choose from this time. And, as I did last year, I'd love to have your input. I've got a couple pairs I'm leaning towards of course, but it's always fun to have this be a community vote. 

So here's the deal, this time I'm looking to mix things up and was most excited to check out the thick clear pairs. 

I've really enjoyed the process of working with David Kind and the process for receiving and sending back the glasses is super easy. A new thing they have happening now is that rather than having a stylist choose all six pairs for your try-on box, you choose three and the stylist chooses three. 

Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week!

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236 thoughts

  1. broniors says…

    I like both #3 and #4. #3 remind me of my glasses that are great for work but #4 is really nice.
    This is a great service. I hate choosing frames at the store and I like the idea of a getting half suggestions that you like and the other from a stylist. I wish that this service was available in Australia.

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  2. katie1980 says…

    Definitely 3 and 4. Definitely NOT 1 or 6 - the styles are way too deep for your face and take over. But 3 and 4 are different enough to each other to give you the mix you are looking for, *and* flatter you. Definitely agree with Cinnibonbon about the sex appeal of #3! :)

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  3. lucrecer says…

    Oh, friend, you look amazing in all of them. Favorites are 2,4 and that order. I am surprised by how much I like the clear glasses.

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  4. CeTiger says…

    #3 are my favorite!

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