Summer Manifesto 2015

For the last few years I've put together a Summer Manifesto (20142012 finished album2012 list). It's a nice way to set some specific intentions for the summer months that help guide our activity and leisure choices. 

Some years I've made a mini-book or created something to go along with it - documenting the process or telling the story after the fact. This year my creative plate is already pretty full and I'd like to work on Project Life® if/when I have extra time so I'm not planning on adding any other memory keeping projects besides Week In The Life™ in August. 

And the truth is there is really just one thing I want to focus on this summer. One simple thing. It's a gift I want to give to my kids and to myself:

I want to get in the pool with my kids. 

Now I know some people out there have body issues that keep them out of swimsuits and out of the water - that's not really my issue. If that's your issue there's a great article that Jessica Turner wrote about that last summer that is so worth your time: Put On That Swimsuit.

Is it fear of the water? Nope. Swimming has been a huge part of my life and I actually love being in the water. 

So what keeps me out of the pool? 

Sometimes I want to read (Dear Kindle, I love you). Sometimes it's just too cold (dude, I'm getting old). Sometimes I just want some time by myself to chat with my friends who are often at the pool at the same times we go. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. All generally valid reasons for not getting in the pool, but this summer I want to make a different choice. I want to do those other things I just listed AND I want to play with my kids in the pool. 

My kids regularly ask me to get in the pool with them and I regularly say "just a minute" or "not today" or "no thank you."

This summer I want to say yes.

Yes to being with them in a playful, fun environment. Yes to diving down to the bottom to retrieve toys. Yes to throwing Anna up in the air. Yes to letting Simon tickle my feet under the water. 

It's time for me to get back in the pool and that's exactly what I plan to manifest in my life this summer.

If you were to have just one thing on your Summer Manifesto what would it be? 

Just an update on Week In The Life™ Kit pre-orders. If you pre-order before 6/15/15 you'll receive the digital/printable cards and digital stamps (shown above) for free. Already pre-ordered? You are awesome. These files will appear in your Ali Edwards account under "My Digital Files" when your order ships. Full details on the kit can be found here

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