Week In The Life™ 2015 | Wednesday Words & Photos

First, thank you. 

Second, today I was thinking a lot about the concept of "some days" and in "most days" - as in some days/most days our day looks like this and some days/most days our day looks like that. There's also a little bit of "someday" mixed in - as in, someday this might be even more of my everyday life or someday this could/will all be so different. 

Third, today might be a good day to think about the things you haven't captured yet. What's missing from the photos/words you've collected so far? I know I'm missing some evening routine stuff which I think is partly because I'm working on these posts and our normal bedtime routine is a little out of sorts. 

Fourth, if you are looking for the titles I'm using on my main photos each day, you can find those  here

Again, thank you for being here and for sharing your stories. 

Here's a look at my Wednesday: 

Some days I wake up with a cat in my bed. Today it was Sam, who I'm slowly working out of the office.

An unsteady hand is partially responsible for the grain in that photo + a lack of light in the early morning hours. 

Some days, especially in the late summer, both kids sleep in late (late around here = 9am). Generally they are pretty good early risers. In fact I don't think I have a lot of photos of them in their beds in the mornings because they are often up and doing stuff.

Some days I do laundry. I don't have a set schedule for this and I'm generally someone who doesn't mind doing the laundry. I just try to keep it going. Sort and wash and dry and fold. 

Most days I look at this print from  Hatch Show Print (from the Haley Gallery) as I make my way down the hall into my office. I usually think about my Mom as I glance at it - sometimes reading just a line and sometimes reading the whole thing. I think about my Mom because she had positive messages like this framed in our home growing up. There is one particular one I remember that she hung in our bathroom about the power of attitude (I think it was something written by Norman Vincent Peale). Hoping my kids read these messages as they are growing up too.

Most weeks days I end up in this spot. During the summer it's usually earlier vs. in the school year when I have more "get them to school" responsibilities. I'm an early riser so I can usually get in some work before they wake up. 

On Wednesdays Katie works from home so it's a little quieter here in the office. We're creating some flexible work routines for when her baby comes later this year (!!!!!). Super thankful that she is a part of my life and so excited for this next chapter to begin for her.

Some days I eat oatmeal + almonds + strawberries + blueberries for breakfast. 

Some days Anna is really into what she will be for Halloween. The current front runner is this colorful witch costume. 

Some days this space is really messy. Currently it's holding Simon's new backpack and his old backpack that has carried him through quite a number of years now. This was the first year in many that he's had an interest in a new one. It's also holding a swim towel - a sign that it's summer. 

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might recognize these lockers that I posted a photo of last month. I went back for them. 

Some days he's frustrated that I didn't cut the strawberry in half. Some days he's super happy when we happen to have leftover pizza that he can eat for breakfast. 

Some days she hangs out with my in the office. Today she made drawings of her and Audrey's names using Stickles. 

She made this sign while I was recording a video for the Love You Because workshop and held it up and mouthed it to me at the same time. 

Snake = snack. 

Yep. I'm much better with snacks than snakes. 

Most days he's got something happening with his legos. Today I told him he could earn money by sorting through bins that currently hold lego messes (aka the ones that just have a bunch of random pieces all thrown in together that makes it impossible to find anything). He's super motivated by money right now since there's a new Lego game coming out called  Lego Dimensions next month (ps - it looks totally cool of course). 

Most days he gets the concept that it's way easier to locate the random pieces if they are sorted by color (at least). 

Some days she chooses to come read in my office. This couch really is getting a lot of use. Today it was a Dora book. 

Some days she wants to come to the store with me. Most days I go when the kids are either at school or otherwise occupied to just make the whole thing simpler. Today was a quick stop on the way to pick Audrey up from camp for an afternoon playdate. 

Most days you can find me here multiple times over the course of the day. 

Some days I don't take a shower and I wear workout clothes all day and don't workout. 

Some days, rare days, I make cupcakes. It's even more rare that they would be chocolate. If I'm in charge I pick white cake or vanilla or lemon. I let Anna choose today at the store and she chose chocolate cake and pink cherry frosting. 

Some days the boys are here. Today Elliot and Simon played video games. 

Some days Audrey comes over for a playdate. They like to play store, listen to music, watch videos, play with Playmobil people, play with Barbies or other dolls. 

Some days I make a sandwich for lunch. Most times I choose salt and vinegar chips. 

Fun pink wrappers for the cupcakes that I brought home from Merci in Paris on our last trip. No day like today to use them. 

Kids decorating cupcakes. Embracing their creative use of every sprinkle available in the house.

Most days I can't believe how tall he has gotten. 

Most days I'm ready for a nap in the late afternoon. Today I started a new book that I  read an excerpt from earlier in the week called Uniquely Human: A Different Way Of Seeing Autism

Some days we get out the  Playmobil pool set and put actual water in there. They loved it. 

Some days Chris picks them up for outings or activities. Today he and Tiffany took the girls to the pool for a bit before dinner. 

Some days I/we have wine with dinner. Tonight was teriyaki drumsticks, broccoli, roasted new potatoes and corn on the cob. 

Some days all of us around the table is really crazy. 

Most days the personality of these two is off the charts. 

Some days there are tired kids and arguments and crying at bedtime. 

Some days they are so happy to just be in each other's company. 

Most days you can find me right here, saying the exact same prayer I've said to him since he was a baby. Tonight he also wanted to have a long talk about ways he could make money to be able to buy the Lego Dimensions game when it comes out. 

Some days he's here in the evening. Sometimes it's just him and sometimes it's him + one or more of the kids. Tonight after everyone was settled he had a little one on one time with Sam. He told me "this cat was made for me."


I'd love to have you share a link to your WEDNESDAY words and photos below. Please link directly to your post vs. a general blog link. In addition you're invited to come over to the free Week In The Life™ Community Gallery & Message Board.

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61 thoughts

  1. smultringunn says…

    I love these posts. They make me think of my summers when I was little and also make me look forward to having older kids (even though I'm in no way ready for my baby to grow up, gaah).

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  2. barefootscrapbooker says…

    I love seeing how you celebrate the everyday, and am excited about starting my own (and very first) WITL on Sunday!

    LEGO Dimensions looks incredible - we are huge LEGO fans in our household, so that goes on the Christmas idea list for my husband! Thanks for the link!

    Reply 0 Replies
  3. Cheryla says…

    Love, love, love Your story! Thank you for Your inspiration. Just love it!

    Reply 0 Replies
  4. simple says…

    The last pic of Aaron holding Sam blew me away. Its such a simple concept. Sometimes simple is the best.

    Reply 0 Replies
  5. visualgirl says…

    Those lockers!!! Dying. And off to follow you on Instagram. :)

    Thanks for sharing so much of your lives with us.

    Reply 0 Replies
  6. roseburgirl says…

    "Some days. Most days." Love your voice in writing! :-)

    Reply 0 Replies
  7. jeannine says…

    Where did the rolling cart come from in the laundry room? Your words are the best!!! THANK YOU.

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      I think, but I'm not absolutely sure, that it came from Bed Bath And Beyond. It's been great.

  8. lilleugle says…

    This will be my first year to document a week in my life, and I find your concept of "some days" and "most days" really helpful as a starting point. I am on maternity leave, and the routine (or lack of...) is forever changing as my baby is getting older.I am planning on documenting her last week as a six month old, and again when she is a one year old (and then once a year - hopefully!). It will be exciting looking back at our most/some days and compare!

    Thank you for being so generous.

    Reply 0 Replies
  9. JenBradshaw says…

    No. 1 - so glad you went back for the lockers! :)
    No. 2 - my husband has already been talking about buying Lego Dimensions...for the kids, of course.
    No. 3 - love, LOVE that pic of the girls in their glasses! Classic.

    Thanks for showing me how to record stories so simply and with such ease. I'm not good at the "writing" part of scrapbooking, but I'm getting better thanks to you!

    Reply 0 Replies
  10. JenHart says…

    Anna and Audrey :-) Just an awesome photo that not only you but Aaron, Chris and most importantly Anna and Audrey will love their whole lives :-)
    Anna's nightie, is it wrong to want one at my age?
    I am so glad Anna is not getting a snake, I would hate to have to stop following your blog.
    Most Days/Some Days is genius.
    Thank you, thank you.

    Reply 0 Replies
  11. northcarmen says…

    Does Anna's nightie say "Dream Big", by any chance?? I think my Sara has that same My Little Ponies nightie -- big fans of Rainbow Dash here. ;) Love reading about your days. :)

    Reply 0 Replies
  12. maddybray says…

    This blog entry was fantastic....so relatable. The little moments. I love the reminder to think about the sometime activities and the aspects of our normal routines.and the humanness of your words and photos....thank you:)

    Reply 0 Replies
  13. TracieClaiborne says…

    I started reading this and then ran and took some pics. It's like I don't remember what kind of pics to take until I see yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm worried about my documentation today - too much of it was spent at my desk in my pj's for the second day in a row and no one wants to see that in a picture. I'm trying. You're helping me try. :) Your Aaron is just so delish. Sorry, it had to be said. :)

    Reply 0 Replies
  14. fannyathome says…

    I love how tidy your laundry room looks! Mine never looks so clean and tidy!
    Thanks for sharing your wednesday! Always very inspiring!

    Reply 0 Replies
  15. desilei says…

    Keep being you, Ali. That is simply inspiring! --Desiree

    Reply 0 Replies
  16. Bernda says…

    Was late finding out about you but enjoying documenting my week. Thanks for the encouragement and great idea!

    Reply 0 Replies
  17. nightmer says…

    I just laughed so hard at the snake snack!

    Reply 1 Reply
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Oh me too!

  18. kislanykim says…

    me too. I though ooh boy, Ali's going to have to consider this snake!

    But then I laughed even harder at the B&W of them in their respective glasses.

    Even the little things like usually going for salt and vinegar chips become interesting when put together in this way.

    Thanks as always.

    Reply 0 Replies
  19. younggirl says…

    I especially love the photos from this day! Love the combo of kid stuff and everyday around the house stuff.

    Reply 0 Replies
  20. binesophie1608 says…

    Ali, how are you doing the pictures you are in? In my family I´m the one taking the pictures, so I´m never on a picture, but for documenting my "week in the life" (still waiting to receive my order ;-) ) it would be nice to be part of some pictures ;-) Please give me some hints!
    Yours sincerely,

    Reply 2 Replies
    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! I use the self-timer on both my DSLR camera and my phone. I set my camera on tables, chairs, shelves or on the ground to be able to include myself in the photo.

    2. binesophie1608 says…

      I thought about that, but I'm afraid I'd loose the natural behavior and start kind of posing :-) and I suppose it will be a little stressful to set the camera and then hurry back to the situation... I need to check if I can raise the time of my self-timer on the dslr.
      Thanks a lot - I hope I can get it done as naturally as you did.
      By the way - I ordered my WITL kit in May but it still didn't ship. I already opened a conversation - I'm so excited to start but as international shipping takes its time too I need some more extra patience!
      Have a great weekend!

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