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Holly Becker of Décor8

Holly Becker is an American Author, Stylist and Photographer who first launched decor8 (pronounced decorate) in 2004 as a small interior design studio in Boston while still a student in design school. In 2006, her blog was founded to document her decorating inspirations and to reach like-minded people with a passion for interiors. Over a decade later, Holly is considered a pioneer of the design blog movement, has won multiple awards for her work online and off, and is truly a tastemaker and influencer with a global following of hundreds of thousands of fans.

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The Story Behind the Kit

"I love Danish design so the playful, geometric patterns are a direct result of what I see coming out of Scandinavia, and the forest behind my house has inspired the nature motifs. I selected the words - sparkle, smile, shine, love, twinkle - with my two-year-old son in mind because he has given me such a fresh view of the world through his curious eyes."

- Holly Becker of Décor8