December Daily® 2017 | Day 01

Welcome to December Daily® 2017 | Day 01. 

I am so excited to be embarking on these daily stories once again. Really and truly. Let's do this

Last year I started my album with a story about "paying attention" along with photos of each of the kids in a 2x2 pocket page. I loved including current photos of the kids at that time so I decided I wanted to begin this album with a photo that includes all of us along with details of our ages this year. 

Here's a look at my Day 01 spread: 

Today I paired a 6x8 photo of all of us with + the back of one of the gold foil tags to hold a little story. 

As a reminder, here is what I had in my album for my Day 01 Foundation Page. Sometimes I only use what I had slipped in the pockets and sometimes I change things up:

Check out my overview video below to see how the page evolved from my foundation page to the end result. 

I added one of the half-circles from the Main Kit + a cork #1 to the top of my 6x8 photo printed here at home using a Canon Pixma MG7720. I then ran that through my sewing machine to add the bit of red stitching along the top. Next to each person in the photo I added white number stickers from the kit + small star embellishments. 

To add text to the half circle I used the December Daily® December Moments Stamp Set to create the curved text at the bottom the half circle. 

Still loving the see-through lids on my inks - makes it super easy to see where you are stamping. 

The second piece of my story today is the large tag that holds the story of our ages right now. I decided to use the back of one of the gold foil tags to hold the content of my story - see more below

In the process video you'll see me make some mistakes and then some work-arounds to cover those up. My main issue today was not letting my ink dry (I should have just started with StazOn) before running it through the typewriter. No worries. I just cut out another tag and added the typewritten names first and the number stamping second.

I totally recommend cutting a new tag from white cardstock and working off that vs. working directly on the back of the gold foil tags. 

Use a 6-hole punch to easily add holes to your tags. I recently got this one and have been loving it. 

On top of the tag I used the numbers from the December Daily® Weekly December Stamp Set to correspond with the number stickers I added to the photo + a 3x4 pattern card + a simple chipboard circle from the Main Kit. I used a Tiny Attacher to staple the chipboard in place (I gently peeled the pattern + cardstock back in order to not have the staple go through to the other side). 

Here's a look at the two pieces of today's story outside the album: 

Remember, your stories don't have to be long and complicated. Think about the kinds of stories you'd like to look back on in the future and the kind of information you'd like to have easily available (like the ages of your family members). Go tell those!




This year I'd love to invite you to leave a link in the comment section if you'd like to share your daily pages. As usual, please include a direct link to your blog post vs. a general blog address link. 

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32 thoughts

  1. Monique0977 says…

    Hi Ali,
    I normally start documenting on December 1, by holding off putting my Christmas tree, decor, etc., so I won't be in this dilemma...ok, my dilemma is (maybe I'm complicating my life) that this year we decided to start decorating, buying tree, etc during Thanksgiving. I was wondering what suggestions you can give me to document these activities before December into the "December Daily" album? Should I approach it, like you suggested to other people, as a story for any day in December (since I won't remember this in a year or 10)? Thank you for your help.

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  2. thenerdnest says…

    I love this photo of all of you so much!

    I started my album this year with an explanation of my family’s Ornament a Day Project:

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  3. Rockermorsan says…

    I'm keeping to my style of plain and simple! See my days 1-4 here:

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  4. fonsi says…

    Thankyou for sharing

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