December Daily® 2017 | Day 22

Welcome to December Daily® 2017 | Day 22. 

Today's story is about an outing that Anna and I took to Target and a few other spots to pick up a few more things and our noodle lunch. Loved the opportunity to go big with a couple photos, including one that captures Anna and I in the checkout line at Target. So fun. 

I want to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you for adventuring with me this December. I love the community that has built up around this project - it makes the season even more enjoyable. I'll be taking the next few days off to enjoy Christmas with my family and will be back after Christmas to share my last three stories. I wish you a very wonderful holiday!

Here's a look at the Foundation Pages at this point originally (same as yesterday): 

Here's how my Day 22 story ended up being told in my album: 

For my story today I include two enlarged photos of our outing to Target and noodle lunch. I used one of the gold foil journaling tags to hold the actual writing of the story. 

I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to take photos of myself taking photos. Going through the self-checkout at Target is a fun opportunity to take one of these kinds of shots. 

For the day numbers today I used the December Daily® Large Sticker Number Sheet (comes with 2 sheets) paired with a couple chipboard pieces from the Main Kit and the Chipboard Bundle. 

On the back of the journaling tag I added a wood veneer circle and a chipboard circle. On the second photo enlargement I added chipboard number circles and identifies which bowl of noodles belonged to which person. 

Here's a look at the pages outside the album:

Thank you again for being part of this community!



  • December Daily® Main Kit 2017


This year I'd love to invite you to leave a link in the comment section if you'd like to share your daily pages. As usual, please include a direct link to your blog post vs. a general blog address link. 

For more inspiration on working with products for this project, check out my December Daily® Product Play workshop - registration is still open with immediate access to all the content. 


Don't miss out on my  12 Days Of Giving over on Pinterest. Today is Day Eleven of twelve digital holiday quote downloads. The two pins and downloads are now live and the others will activate over the next few days at 12:01PM EST. All digitals will remain FREE and available for download until 11:59pm ET on 12/31/17.

Enjoy and thank you for being part of this community!

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11 thoughts

  1. Thea_m says…

    Day 23 is just about at an end here in Australia (we are a day ahead of the USA). For the first time ever I am up to date with my December Daily album. This is an amazing feat for me. There are a number of UFOs sitting on the shelf. I don't know what finally inspired me to keep it going this year, but I do know that many years of watching you assemble your albums, Ali, has made me try time and again. Despite some very obvious scrap lifting (eg Anna's hands split 6x8 was too good not to copy), I think I may finally have moved (my OLW for 2018) into my own style at last. I keep flipping back through my album and I am happy with every day's efforts. We leave home tomorrow and will spend the next few days away so I won't work on my album again until we get back. I already know the photo(s) I want to take for the Christmas Eve spread, then of course it is Christmas Day and all bets are off wrangling 28 people for photo time. Still, I am confident that I will get those last 2 days in the album, and then it is on to One Little Word. Thank you, Ali, for all the creativity over these past years, and I wish you and your family the happiest Christmas and New Year.

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    1. emeraldcity says…


    2. Thea_m says…

      Unfinished objects i.e. partially completed December Daily albums.

  2. hgauvin says…

    I have enjoyed your videos this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy!

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  3. nirupama01 says…

    Thanks for a fun season!
    This is one of my favorite pages I have made all month:

    What do you think?

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  4. jorgybones says…

    My first year doing DD (and scrapbooking) and I have loved working on this project. Ali, you seem to have a different idea every day. It has been VERY helpful to actually watch you put pages together. When I watch you do make a page and think aloud, I think that I can do these techniques also. I loved the product play class, also. Merry Christmas.

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  5. larkindesign says…

    Ali I wish you and yours the merriest of holidays! Your album is so inspiring, thank you for all you do.
    I've shared Days 18-21 on my blog today:

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  6. swissmiss says…

    I have really enjoyed watching your videos each day. Thank you so much for sharing your work:) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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  7. Pepierre says…
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  8. peanutshell says…

    Those noodle bowls look so good.

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  9. carolgoetz says…

    Thank you so much for your December Daily videos!! I enjoyed them so very much!! Thank you also for this wonderful project, I am thrilled that I have this book of my family to treasure forever! My family couldn't wait to see what I created each day, it was so much fun!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Ali!

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