Week In The Life™ 2018 | Vlog + Recap

To wrap up my Week In The Life™ project for 2018 I put together a vlog from video clips I took during the week. It doesn't cover everything that happened during the week (just like my physical album doesn't include everything) but I love how it's another look at that same week through a different medium. Sitting here and putting this together was seriously so fun and made me so happy that I had even the amount of video that I did. I've not always been one to capture a lot of video but have been starting to do more here and there and really love that look at our lives. I know I will never regret having this kind of footage of my family. 

All this video was taken with the same camera I used for my photos for my physical Week In The Life™ project: Canon G7X. The vlog was edited in iMovie using music from Soundstripe

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Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!

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6 thoughts

  1. Expat says…

    Hi Ali, How do you (or do you?) incorporate the link for this video in your Week In The Life Album? I know that I would completely forget ten years down the line that there was actually some footage from any certain week somewhere in a cloud or on a hard drive, if we can still access them with our ever changing technology. Thank you! Love the Travel Collection!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Hi! I don't actually have plans to incorporate it specifically. You could use a QR code if you wanted to reference it within your album. For me it will be part of my blog + part of my YouTube categories that can be referenced in the future ;).

  2. PoochPatrol says…

    Such a delightful vlog to watch! I love on board your family is with all your projects. Amazing how adding a soundtrack to your life makes it even better. Thanks for sharing this Ali.

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  3. Kristin409 says…

    Thank you so much for sharing! I am definitely inspired to add a bit of video to next year’s WITL!

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  4. AngieKyle says…

    Loved your vlog!!!

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  5. sophie3832 says…

    Wonderful glimpse of a very full life Ali! I be definitely be including video aspect to WITL 2019! very inspirational thank you for sharing 🙏

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