For The Love Of Puzzles

Last night on my Instagram Story I showed a time-lapse video of Aaron and I working on a puzzle together before rewatching a couple Game Of Thrones episodes to get ready for Season 8. 

I got some questions about which puzzles are my favorites so I decided to put together a short post to share those in one place. 

My favorite puzzles are illustrated vs. a photo and most often include animals or nature. That's just personal preference and the ones I gravitate towards. Most of mine I've ordered from Amazon and others I've picked up at gift shops. You can also often find puzzles at Goodwill. We mainly do 1000 piece puzzles. We often sit there and turn on music that plays via our Apple TV. 

We usually start with all the outside pieces first and then fill in the middle. Rarely do we sit down and do a whole puzzle at one time which leads to this question: what about the cats? Do they mess with the puzzle when we leave it out on the table? For some reason they don't jump up on that table. Who knows why because they definitely climb on other stuff around here. 

Obviously a Christmas-time photo but you get the idea. 

I love being able to have it on this table (we added this table when we got married) and we use it mainly for homework, puzzles, games, etc. 

We have a closet in our living room that is home to our games & puzzles. It used to hold more toys but as the kids have gotten older we've been able to phase those out to make room for more puzzles. Right now I'm holding on to most of these puzzles because I kinda love them as a collection but would totally share/trade with friends in the future. 

Also, if you are looking for something to add to an Easter Basket these could totally work.

Here's some I own and have enjoyed putting together (or plan to) over the last couple of years: 

Galison Avian Friends 1000 Piece Puzzle - pretty sure I first saw this one via Liz Lamereux who also loves puzzles. 

eeBoo Below The Surface 1008 Piece Puzzle - I love this brand and have since bought a few others. 

eeBoo Sloths 1000 Piece Puzzle

eeBoo Cats At Work 1008 Piece Puzzle

eeBoo Peacock Garden 1008 Piece Puzzle

And here's the one we are working on right now: 

Galison United Eats Of America 1000 Piece Puzzle

Recent additions to my collection also include: 

Mudpuppy Cool Cats 1000 Piece Whimsical Carolyn Gavin Illustrations Of 23 Cats

Galison Rainbow Popsicle Puzzle 500 Piece

Galison Naranjas Puzzle 1000 Piece (this is probably the next one I want to tackle)

Do you have a favorite? I'd love to read about it in the comments!

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38 thoughts

  1. kre8tivekate says…

    I totes LOVE that popsicle puzzle!I am also an avid puzzler, and the Galisons are real favorites.

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  2. coffeebreakjackie says…

    Ali, You would love the one by Floret Farms that I got at Barnes & Nobel - it’s double sided.

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  3. audmac says…

    I’m actually in the middle of the Galison Avian Friends (the bird one) I’m so happy it’s a bit more challenging then I thought it might be with the neutral backgrounds and different shades of colors throughout-definitely fun!

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