Type Story Kit™

I have long been a fan of letterforms and I thought this would be a fun theme to explore in terms of design ideas and in terms of the stories from our lives. This month’s stories can really be about anything or about something more specific like the “type” of person you have become (or want to be), who is “just your type,” and maybe something about your favorite type of adventure. Join me as we come together again to get more of our stories told.

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  • What's in this month's kit+
    • 12, 3x4 Journal Cards
    • 8, 4x6 Journal Cards
    • Acrylic Word: Type
    • 1, 4x6 Chipboard Shape Sheet
    • 26, Chipboard Alphas
    • 26, Plastic Alphas
    • 1, 3x4 Stamp Set with 26 Individual Stamps
    • 1, 4x6 Phrase Sticker Sheet