Breathe Story Kit™

Every single day that we are alive includes breaths in and breaths out. Sometimes we are super conscious of this and other times it’s so much a part of our day that we forget how big a role it plays in our lives. This month we are investigating and documenting stories related to breathing - from the stories of taking deep breaths to the moments that literally take our breath away.

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  • What's in this month's kit+

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    • 8, 4x6 Single-sided Journal Cards
    • 12, 3x4 Single-sided Journal Cards
    • Acrylic Word: Breathe
    • 1, 4x6 Chipboard Shape Sheet
    • 1, 4x6 Phrase Sticker Sheet
    • 9, 1.75" Square Die Cuts
    • 3, 2.5" to 3.75 Transparency Words
    • 5, 0.5" to 1.25" Cork Hearts