Join Us For "Pieces Of Play" Next Week

Quick reminder that you are invited to join me next week as I embarks on the next chapter in our Pieces Of Life project: Pieces Of Play.

Pieces Of Life is a project that consists of two different themes each year. Our first theme for 2023 is Pieces Of Play and our second theme later this year will be Pieces Of Joy. Past themes include Pieces Of MePieces Of Home, and Pieces Of The Past. You can see the available products to support these projects here

Each project consists of seven storytelling prompts - one for each day over the course of the week. I've been using notebooks to document these stories but you can choose your own adventure and simply share these prompts on Instagram, in a traditional scrapbook, in pocket pages, or even in a personal journal. 

For Pieces Of Play the prompts will be as follows: 

  • Monday: Right Now I Play 
    Make a list of the games, sports, art, etc that you engage in currently. Do you consider yourself someone who loves to play or someone who is more resistant? At different stages in our lives we tend to be more or less connected to play: where are you at in your own life right now?  
  • Tuesday: What I Loved To Play As A Kid
    Looking back, what was your favorite way to play when you were growing up? Did you love organized activities or unstructured play? Did you play sports? Did you draw, paint, or embark on other kinds of creative play? 
  • Wednesday: Play Sounds Like
    Make a list of what your own version of play sounds like. Think about the sounds you encounter when you are playing and document them. Is it loud or quiet? Are you on your own or participating in a group?
  • Thursday: Playful Memory
    Think back in your life to a really fun memory of play (or something more recent). How old were you? What were you playing? What makes it such a vivid memory for you? Who was involved? Is it something that you still play? 
  • Friday: Something I've Learned From Play
    Play teaches us a variety of things (many of which we learn when we are kids). What have you learned from play in your life? How has what you have learned from play helped you in your life? 
  • Saturday: Play Date
    When was the last time you played simply for the sake of playing? When was the last time you got together with a friend for an actual play date where there were few expectations for an outcome? Consider planning a play date for today - with someone in your life or on your own - and embarking on it. Tell that story. 
  • Sunday: Why I Play
    Have you ever written out or responded to the question of why you play? Why does play matter for you? What role does it make up in your own life? Why do you still play or seek out opportunities to play? 

As Ali states in the "thoughts on the prompts" section of the notebook: 

We all have a story. This practice is a wonderful opportunity to focus on some pieces of play that make up the chapters of your life. Enjoy this chance to take a closer look at the ways you play. No photos for some or all of these prompts? No problem. Do an internet search for a favorite toy (or draw a picture) or take a photo of something that reminds you of that time or event or use pattern papers to illustrate your story. You've got this!


We do have some of the notebooks available either in the physical if you'd like to collect your stories in that format. The Pieces Of Play stamp set is also available here. Digital versions of the notebook and stamp will be available in the shop this Friday. 

I also put together a printable PDF in case notebook documenting isn't the method you'd like to use for this project and you'd like to have a place to jot down notes or your story. 

Download the Pieces Of Play one page PDF here.

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