Pieces Of Play | Ali's Notebook

Last week I shared my Pieces Of Play words + photos + notebook on Instagram and I've collected all those images to share with you here today. 

Here's a look at each of these individual spreads coming together via video: 

And here's a look at each spread in my notebook: 


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6 thoughts

  1. z0eC says…

    So much fun watching this notebook coke together! I’ve completed the ‘Pieces of the Past’ project and loved how easy it was to put together a layout, yet also allowed me to be creative with flip ups etc.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring ❤️

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  2. imartinez601 says…

    This is so much fun! I know that this was last weeks project, but is it too late to do this for another time? Thank you again for sharing your wonderful stories!!

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    1. AliEdwards says…

      Never too late!

  3. writer714 says…

    This project is so intriguing, but unfortunately I have no pics from the past to add - need to think of creative way to illustrate.
    Your notebook is fabulous!

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    1. FL_Cindy says…

      I just read your comment writer714...I have no photos of my childhood either, but I plan to look for photos online of kids playing outside (baseball, red light/green light, bike riding, etc.) and blurring the photos just enough that you can't see anyone's faces, but you can still tell what activity they are playing. I will mention that the photo is a stock photo, or wherever it was found on the Internet and not actually people I know in the journaling. Even if I only use photos, stickers, stamps, patterned paper and the like of a baseball & glove, bikes, etc. that should be enough to tell my stories. Hope something similar will help you tell your stories.

  4. FL_Cindy says…

    I love all your stories you shared Ali. It's funny to look back on things that were a part of childhood. Sadly, I have no photos of my childhood since neither of my parents took pictures and apparently none of our relatives were photographers. I can still tell my stories about playing as a child and teen.
    Thank you for giving me some ideas.

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