Our Simple Guide to Silkscreens

Silkscreens are a really fun and easy-to-use tool to add paint to your projects. Below you'll find a few quick tips on how to get the best results when silkscreening and a few short videos our team shot to show how to use our paints + silkscreen products!

What is a silkscreen? Think of a silkscreen like a combination of a sticker and a stencil. It's a piece of sticky mesh designed to let paint through some pores of the silkscreen but not the blocked pores, in order to imprint a specific design on your project. 


  • Brand new silkscreens will have a very sticky backing. Before putting on paper to use, we recommend wearing down the amount of stickiness on the back by sticking it to a hard surface repeatedly until the stickiness of the silkscreen back feels more subdued.
  • There are a few ways to spread the paint across the silkscreen. You can use just about any tool with a strong, solid surface (such as a paint spackle tool, a sturdy piece of cardstock, or even an old gift card).
  • In between each use, be sure to thoroughly clean the silkscreen by running it under warm water and thoroughly drying.
  • Silkscreens are meant to be used over and over. Good care of your silkscreens is key to maintaining longevity.

You can find a few recommended products below or our full collection of acrylic paints and silkscreens in the shop >  here.