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Create With Canva

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If you have ever struggled to learn Photoshop or the host of other apps and programs to work digital products, this class is for you! Join guest instructor Kim Hurst as she guides you through tutorials for hybrid memory-keeping exclusively using Canva design software.

In this recorded, self-paced workshop, Kim will introduce you to the technology of Canva, a free, design anywhere, graphic design platform that is filled with powerful tools for memory keepers. Learn how to organize your digital files, print your photos, and work with all types of digital elements to create hybrid projects that unleash your creativity.

Note: The lessons and tutorials in this workshop feature the December Daily® 2021 Collection digital products, however the techniques that Kim demonstrates will work with any of our digital memory-keeping products. 

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned digital pro, this workshop is packed with information that will have you embracing Canva and changing the way you think about hybrid memory-keeping.

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Class taught by: Kim Hurst

What you'll learn

  • How to upload, organize and store your digital files, right inside of Canva
  • Techniques for creating photo prints in multiple sizes for your pocket pages
  • Ideas for working with digital elements such as journal cards and digital stamps
  • Tips for playing with text and photos
  • How to create custom digital templates for your page layouts

What you'll get

  • Instructional videos that include step-by-step instruction for how to work with Canva
  • PDF downloads that include inspiration and how-to's
  • Message board for communicating with classmates   
  • Gallery for sharing your projects
  • A bonus digital package designed by Ali for everyday storytelling (see image in slider)
  • Access to the support and encouragement of the new Scrapbook With Canva community as well as to Kim who will be available to answer questions and provide guidance on the lesson content

What you'll need

All of Kim's tutorials will be demonstrated using Canva design software. To follow along with the lessons, you will need a free account which is available on desktop, mobile (iOS and Android) and iPad (internet connection is required). 

Also, the lessons in this class feature the December Daily® 2021 Collection digital products, however any of our digital memory-keeping products will work with Kim's tutorials.

You will also need:

  • Printer and paper for your projects
  • Patience working with a new software
  • A desire to learn and plan
  • Stories to tell