Travel Collection

Travel is one of my favorite ways to experience the world. I love seeing new places, learning new things, relaxing and immersing myself in new environments. Over the years I've approached travel memory keeping in a variety of different ways including mini books, photo books, and more traditional scrapbook albums. This year I'm excited to debut a new line of travel products and two workshops to help you tell the stories of your own adventures.

How To Document Your Travels

1: Live The Story

Whether you venture near or far, embark on your journey with intention and make a plan to document either on the trip, put it together when you return home, or a bit of both.

2: Gather Supplies

Select an album and other supplies to help you tell the story of your adventure.

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3: Take A Class

Enroll now in Start To Finish: Travel 03. You can learn more about travel memory keeping by enrolling in my previous Start To Finish: Travel 02 or Travel Product Play workshops.

4: Tell Your Story

Use skills you've learned and the supplies you've acquired to complete a travel project that combines words, photos, and intentional embellishments.

Your Travel Stories Are Worth Telling