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Travel Product Play

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Travel Product Play

About this class

Join me and four of my Creative Team members - Ingunn Markiewicz, Amy Gretchen, Lisa Varshine, and Pam Baldwin - as we each create a 3x8 travel album using products from the new Travel Collection. No matter whether your trip is near or far, from last week or many years ago, the new Travel Collection products can be used to help get your travel stories told. In this workshop focus will be on ideas for using the products included in the Main Travel Kit to document our adventures in a 3x8 album. 

What Comes With This Class?

  • A video overview and how-to lesson from each Contributor that details how they told their story using a 3x8 album
  • Full color PDF handout at the end of the workshop with a compilation of tips

Class Schedule

Jun 26

Ali's 3x8 Album

Come check out my Paris 2013 album and a full look at my entire process.

Jun 29

Ingunn's 3x8 Album

Check out Ingunn's 3x8 St. John travel album

Jul 3

Lisa's 3x8 Album

Check out Lisa's 3x8 Italy travel album

Jul 6

Amy's 3x8 Album

Check out Amy's 3x8 Amsterdam travel album

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