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12 Hours | December Daily® 2020 Prep Day

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Join the December Daily® community for a fun online prep day on Saturday, November 7th, 2020. Use this opportunity to finish past December Daily® projects or start working on your project for 2020. The classroom will open at 7:30am Pacific with the first live video happening at 8am Pacific. 

This year we are excited to mix things up and welcome Tazhiana Gordon + Krystal Idunate as your hosts for Prep Day. Ali will be online and participating and sharing ideas along the way as well. 

At the top of each hour there will either be a live video or new content uploaded. The goal is to give you a few ideas and then send you off to work on your own projects, clean up, prep, etc:

Our schedule for this year is a work-in-progress and may change before the actual date. Here is the current line-up for the day: 

  • 8am Pacific | Welcome, Overview, + Intro With Ali, Tazhiana, + Krystal
  • 9am Pacific | Organization With Tazhi + Krystal
  • 10am Pacific | New Page Idea from Krystal
  • 11am Pacific | How To Get It Done By January (If You Want To)
  • Noon Pacific | Live Craft Hour with Tazhi: Mixed Media Play
  • 1pm Pacific | New Page Idea from Ali
  • 2pm Pacific | Live Craft Hour with Krystal: Interactive Elements Using 4x6 + 3x4 Cards 
  • 3pm Pacific | Creative Team Guest (TBA)
  • 4pm Pacific | Repeated Stories In December Daily® with Tazhi
  • 5pm Pacific | New Page Idea from Tazhi
  • 6pm Pacific | Community Suggested Topic (TBA)
  • 7pm Pacific | Wrap Up, Q+A with Ali 

Each topic will have it's own Lesson within the 12 Hour Classroom. Inside each lesson you'll find the live video, a free download, a challenge, and a spot for conversation in the comments section of the lesson. Live chat will be available for anyone who wants to converse back and forth during the live event. 

All videos will be recorded so you can watch them at your own pace. You don't have to be online on the 7th to access the content. 

Class starts June 1st

Class Schedule

  1. Jun 1
    Class begins
    3:00AM EDT
  2. Nov 7
    Hour #1 | Welcome + Overview + Intro To Hosts
    10:30AM EST
    Welcome to the 2020 December Daily® Prep Party! Meet your hosts and get excited for the fun to come.
  3. Nov 7
    Hour #2 | Organization with Tazhi + Krystal
    11:50AM EST
    Come chat all things organization with Tazhi + Krystal.
  4. Nov 7
    Hour #3 | New Page Idea From Krystal
    12:50PM EST
    Krystal shares a new page idea process video.
  5. Nov 7
    Hour #4 | How To Get It Done By January (If You Want To)
    1:50PM EST
    Come join Krystal + Tazhi as they chat about workflow + tips for completing this project before Jan.
  6. Nov 7
    Hour #5 | Live Craft Hour With Tazhi
    2:50PM EST
    Join Tazhi as she plays + experiments with mixed media supplies for her project.
  7. Nov 7
    Hour #6 | New Page Idea From Ali
    3:50PM EST
    Ali shares a new page idea process video.
  8. Nov 7
    Hour #7 | Live Craft Hour With Krystal
    4:50PM EST
    Join Krystal as she shares ideas for interactive elements using 4x6 and 3x4 cards.
  9. Nov 7
    Hour #8 | New Page Idea From Pam Baldwin
    5:50PM EST
    Join Pam Baldwin as she share's a fun page idea.
  10. Nov 7
    Hour #9 | Repeated Stories In December Daily®
    6:50PM EST
    Come chat about using repeated stories in December Daily®.
  11. Nov 7
    Hour #10 | New Page Idea From Tazhi
    7:50PM EST
    Tazhi shares a new page idea process video.
  12. Nov 7
    Hour #11 | Special Guest
    8:50PM EST
    This year we've got a friend joining us with a couple fun tips.
  13. Nov 7
    Hour #12 | Wrap Up & Q+A
    9:50PM EST
    Come chat about anything else you want about December Daily® + thank you for hanging out today!