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December Daily® Product Play 2

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In this brand new workshop - inspired by the original December Daily® Product Play - we will take a closer look at playing with three specific shapes in December Daily® documentation: trees, tags and words (for this workshop words = titles + other playful ways to incorporate words into your design vs. a focus on journaling). There are so many different ways you can creatively play with them to support and complement your stories - from using already designed products to creating your own. We'll also be talking about the specific design concepts that go into working with these shapes which will be useful for you in projects going forward (repetition, layering, scale). I'll be using products from this year's December Daily® collection but the products are not required as many ideas can be translated to what you might have in your memory keeping product stash. As always I'll be coming at this with storytelling and simple design at the forefront.

PLEASE NOTE: Ideas and pages created for this workshop will become part of my December Daily® Foundation Pages for 2018. As always I will be sharing an overview look at all my Foundation Pages on my blog in late October/early November  - this means that the pages I'll be showing you how i create will likely be shown on my blog before the how-to appears here in the classroom. The actual how-to process videos and step-by-steps of my 9 specific pages created for this class will be exclusive to this workshop.

If you are interested in focusing on Hearts, Stars, and Circles you should check out my original December Daily® Product Play workshop which follows the same format.  

Class starts November 6th

Class Contributors

What you'll learn

  • Ways to play & create with trees, tags, and words when creating foundation pages and homes for stories in December Daily® 
  • Creating pages with stories in mind / Creating homes to hold your stories in December

What you'll get

  • Full color handouts for each topic that include ideas and how-to's
  • A main presentation for each theme and a total of 9 process videos/started pages from Ali (3 for tags, 3 for trees, 3 for type/titles)
  • A process video and how-to lesson from each Contributor
  • Additional digital tutorials when applicable (for a deep dive into working with digital products in paper projects check out my Hybrid workshop)
  • Digital package that includes PNG and Silhouette Studio files (image will be added to the slider soon)

What you'll need

  • A playful attitude
  • A collection of various trees, tags, and word embellishments (letter stickers, stamps, etc)
  • A storytelling mindset

Not required but I will be using: 

Class Schedule

  1. Nov 6
    Class begins
    3:00AM EST
  2. Nov 6
    3:00AM EST
    Click here to check out my process videos for three different ways to play with trees.
  3. Nov 8
    Trees With Laura Wonsik
    3:00AM EST
  4. Nov 10
    Trees With Jen Carlson
    3:00AM EST
  5. Nov 13
    3:00AM EST
    Click here to check out my process videos for three different ways to play with words/titles.
  6. Nov 15
    Titles/Type With Lisa Varshine
    3:00AM EST
  7. Nov 17
    Titles/Type With Ingunn Markiewicz
    3:00AM EST
  8. Nov 20
    3:00AM EST
    Click here to check out my process videos for three different ways to play with tags.
  9. Nov 22
    Tags With Amy Gretchen
    3:00AM EST
  10. Nov 24
    Tags With Pam Baldwin
    3:00AM EST