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One Little Word® | 2024

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In 2006 Ali began the tradition of choosing one word for herself each January – a word she could focus on + get curious about as she went about her daily life over the course of a year. Her words have included play, peace, vitality, nurture, story, light, up, open, thrive, give, whole, connect, space, habit, less, heart, pause, joy and wild (2024). Each word has become an individual thread that weaves together stories of her life. They’ve been imbedded into who she is + into who she is becoming. They’ve helped her to breathe deeper, to see clearer, to embrace mistakes, and to grow.

At the end of 2019 Ali felt moved to change the way she was running this workshop and invited a group of people to join her in co-leading this adventure. Her goal was to bring in other voices, perspectives, and life experiences and to make it more about the wonderful, wholehearted community that comes together around this project. 

Each monthly prompt (available on the first of each month) is designed to invite you back into conversation with your word. Some are writing exercises, some are crafty adventures, some are rooted in photography. Our goal is simply to help you stay connected to your word throughout the year in a way that is meaningful to you and your season of life. Some of the lenses we've used in the past to be in conversation with our words include: vision, adventure, practice, small wins, beginning again, reflection, etc. 

In 2022 we added a live monthly Zoom call where we connect to share ideas, reflections and stories related to the monthly prompt. This has become a much-loved way to come together to learn from one another, to listen, to share our successes + our struggles, and to cheer each other on as we walk with our individual words.

Our team believes in the power of documentation + the power of words to make a difference in our lives. You are invited to come get curious about your chosen word alongside us as we journey together in 2024.

Interested in seeing what a completed One Little Word® project might look like? Check out Ali's walkthrough video of her albums from 2011 through 2017 here

Class starts December 13th

Class Contributors

What you'll learn

  • Creative techniques for being in conversation with your word through the mediums of writing, photography and collage
  • Past students have reported learning about celebrating progress rather than perfection, about the power of focusing on a single word and  the impact that can have in your life, about how many little moments  make up the patterns of our lives, about thinking of your future self as you make decisions today, about how your own journey is important, about how to step back into the story of your own life as an active  participant, about learning what you most need from yourself, and about  the power of coming back again and again to your original intentions as a  means of reflection and forward movement  

What you'll get

  • 12 prompts (one per month) that invite you to be in conversation with your word (delivered in a classroom via video + written handout)
  • One Little Word® Main Kit Digital Package ($14.49 value
  • Monthly live Zoom call 
  • Mid-month response to the prompt from members of our OLW team
  • Gallery for sharing
  • Optional Closed Facebook Group for additional community + connection 

What you'll need

  • A willingness to be in conversation with your word via creative prompts.
  • A 6x8 album or other way to document your stories and responses to the prompts. 
  • An optional One Little Word® Main Kit of products is available as are additional supplies you might use to document your journey with your word this year. 
  • A way to print photos and/or the printables.

Class Schedule

  1. Dec 13
    Class begins
    12:00PM EST
  2. Dec 13
    12:00PM EST
    Click here for welcome details, supplies, and suggestions on choosing/finding a word.
  3. Jan 1
    3:00AM EST
    Let's begin.
  4. Jan 15
    3:00AM EST
  5. Jan 30
    3:00AM EST
    Details on our vision board hang out.
  6. Feb 1
    3:00AM EST
    This month we are using the lens of vision to establish a manifesto for our words.
  7. Feb 15
    3:00AM EST
  8. Feb 26
    3:00AM EST
    This month we are connecting with our words through the lens of practice.
  9. May 1
    3:00AM EDT
  10. Jun 1
    3:00AM EDT
  11. Jul 1
    3:00AM EDT
  12. Aug 1
    3:00AM EDT
  13. Sep 1
    3:00AM EDT
  14. Oct 1
    3:00AM EDT
  15. Nov 1
    3:00AM EDT
  16. Dec 1
    3:00AM EST