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Start Here | Design Formulas For Memory Keeping

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With over 20 years of memory keeping experience, Ali Edwards has told a lot of stories and most of them started with a blank page. 

In Start Here: Design Formulas For Memory Keeping Ali will be sharing her tried + true design formulas that have helped her tell hundreds (if not thousands) of stories over the years. Using her vast catalog of completed memory keeping projects (including traditional scrapbook layouts, pocket pages, and notebooks), Ali will help remove some of the guess work out of the process of starting with a blank page/pocket/notebook and encourage/inspire you to be the boss of your stories. During the workshop Ali will use past projects as examples + create new projects to reinforce the core concepts. 

Ali's background in graphic design + her years of teaching experience come together for this workshop to give you a solid starting place in your own memory keeping adventures. 

This workshop will be broken down into three lessons: 

  • LESSON ONE: Design Formulas (the formulas that Ali uses over + over again and the reasons why)
  • LESSON TWO: Design Principles (the design principles that Ali uses over + over again and the reasons why)
  • LESSON THREE: Putting The Lessons Into Practice (includes process videos from Ali creating new projects that demonstrate ideas from the previous lessons)

The goal for this workshop? Create a resource of ideas for you to refer back to again and again as you tell the stories of your life!

Please note: If you have attended our in-person Story Camp in the past some of this content will be similar to what was offered during the design lesson. The content has been updated since our time together at camp and adapted for this style of classroom.

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Class taught by: Ali Edwards
Class starts August 17th

What you'll learn

  • What a design formula is and how to use them in your memory keeping adventures
  • Introduce and/or reinforce basic design principles
  • That there isn't a right or a wrong way to do any of this, but there are definitely tips/ideas to make it more fun and less stressful 

What you'll get

  • Education + inspiration related to creating and using design formulas for memory keeping
  • Printable PDF (full color) resource of design formulas with examples
  • Optional live zoom call with Ali + on Friday, August 25th at 10am PST (this will be recorded + added to the classroom if you are unable to attend live)
  • Encouragement to tell your own stories your way in whatever season of life you are in right now

What you'll need

  • A willingness to learn
  • Enthusiasm for memory keeping (or a desire to rekindle that enthusiasm)
  • Interest in learning more about the basics of design

Class Schedule

  1. Aug 17
    Class begins
    3:00AM EDT
  2. Aug 17
    LESSON ONE: Design Foundations + Formulas
    3:00AM EDT
    Let's dive into foundations + formulas and how they can help us in our memory keeping endeavors!
  3. Aug 17
    LESSON TWO : Design Principles
    3:00AM EDT
    Let's explore design principles that can help us build projects + get our stories told.
  4. Aug 17
    Zoom Call Details
    3:00AM EDT
    Details on our live zoom call + the recorded call can be found here.
  5. Aug 23
    LESSON THREE : Putting It Into Practice
    3:00AM EDT
    New process videos from Ali that put the design concepts into practice.