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Start To Finish: Travel #01

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Join Ali and four Creative Team members - Morgan Beal, Laura Wonsik, Tazhiana Gordon, and Pam Baldwin - as we each create a 3x8 or 6x8 travel album using products from the new 2020 Travel Collection

The goal of this workshop is to inspire you to get your own travel album(s) completed. 

Please Note: We have renamed this workshop for 2020 to reflect that the focus is on completing albums vs. product play. We will still offer a Product Play workshop for December Daily® as we find that project lends itself more to playing with products

If you are looking for a more in-depth discussion about travel documenting including what to think about and do before, during and after travel to tell the kinds of stories you want to tell check out my Stories Of Travel Self-Paced workshop.

Class starts July 7th

Class Contributors

  • Morgan Beal
  • Laura Wonsik
  • Tazhiana Gordon
  • Pam Baldwin

What you'll learn

Creative ideas to document your travel stories using the 2020 Travel Collection in a 3x8 or 6x8 album.

What you'll get

  • Each contributor + Ali will share their "start to finish" process for documenting a past travel adventure via video and still images. 
  • Full color PDF handout at the end of the workshop with a compilation of tips.

What you'll need

  • All the contributors will be using the 2020 Travel Collection Kit as the base for their project inside a 3x8 or 6x8 album (it's also likely that some of the other pieces from the Travel Collection will be included).

Class Schedule

  1. Jul 7
    Class begins
    3:00AM EDT
  2. Jul 7
    Ali's Album
    3:00AM EDT
    Come on in to see Ali's start to finish process for telling the story of her Ireland 2012 adventure.
  3. Jul 14
    Laura's Album
    3:00AM EDT
    Come in and check out Laura's Album which is an overview of places she's visited.
  4. Jul 21
    Morgan's Album
    3:00AM EDT
    Come in and check out Morgan's Album which features a trip she took to Chicago with her partner.
  5. Jul 28
    Pam's Album
    3:00AM EDT
    Come in and check out Pam's Album which features a trip she took to Orlando with her family.
  6. Aug 4
    Tazhiana's Album
    3:00AM EDT
    Check out Tazhi's Album which shows 3 different trips she went on to Florida, Chicago and Georgia.
  7. Aug 11
    3:00AM EDT
    Come in to download any/all of the handouts for each of the lessons in this workshop.