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Stories of Travel (Self Paced)

Stories of Travel (Self Paced)

About this class

Stories Of Travel is a five-lesson workshop, featuring over 7.5 hours of video content, focusing on universal ideas for telling the stories of your travels. 

My main goal with this workshop is to dive into the topic with you and take a closer look at different ways you can get the stories of your travels completed. Travel means different things for different people and the processes I'll share with you will take that into consideration. 

The three lessons of content will be broken down into the following categories: (1) before travel, (2) during travel, and (3) after travel. In addition I'll share video walkthroughs of all my completed travel projects along with a walkthrough of some of the ones I haven't completed with details about how I'm organizing them and making plans to "deal" with them. Join me for another in-depth story-centered workshop to grow your memory keeping skills.

Upon signing up all lessons will be available to you and you can work through the content at your own pace. 

If you are looking for a workshop more focused on photography I recommend checking out Lens Of Joy

What Comes With This Class?

  • Video walk-throughs of all the travel albums I've created up to this point
  • Video walk-throughs of some of the projects I haven't finished with a brainstorm of ideas for telling those stories
  • Presentations for each topic
  • Full color PDF handouts for each lesson
  • A Travelers Notebook printable that you can take with you on your trips for easy documentation
  • Story Planner travel-related printables
  • A walk-through process of how I put one of my travel albums together (this will come from one I haven't finished yet)
  • Message board + gallery for sharing ideas and examples

Class Schedule

May 22

Lesson One | What I've Done + What I Haven't Done

We begin with a look back at my past travel projects via video walk-throughs.

May 22

Bonus Lesson | How To Set Up The Travelers Notebook Insert

This lesson includes a quick video that shows you how to trim, staple, and set up the TN insert.

May 22

Lesson Two | Before Travel

Storytelling mindset, brainstorming story ideas, consider the home for your content, and pack.

May 22

Lesson Three | During Travel

This lesson covers ideas for travel words + travel photography while you are traveling.

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