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The Story Of Self

The Story Of Self

About this class

Join Laura Wonsik on a journey of self-exploration to learn more about yourself and your true identity. The Story of the Self is created by a memory keeper for memory keepers with the knowledge that this particular creative outlet is rich with material for this inner work. The class includes lessons in mindfulness, values, self-care, and vulnerability, all of which will help you uncover deeper layers of your story and find your authentic storytelling voice. 

In this four-week workshop, Laura will guide you through a variety of frameworks to explore your identity from different angles, using different methods, all tied together with the goal of being curious wanderers in the terrain of our identity. The content is aimed at building awareness of your inner and outer worlds in a way that becomes a practice ground for building insight, flexibility, patience and change through the memory keeping process.

Laura wholeheartedly believes that if you approach it with a certain perspective and attitude, memory-keeping can improve the quality of your life. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced memory keeper, the ideas in this class can help you reflect on your process in a way that makes it more fun, more peaceful, and more productive.

What Comes With This Class?

  • Process Videos + PDF handouts for each lesson
  • Reflection questions to help dig deeper into content and serve as journaling prompts
  • A bonus digital package containing cut files, journal cards, and word art in Ali's signature handwriting

Recommended Supplies

  • A home for your stories of any size (Laura will be using the One Little Word folio)
  • You do not need photos for this class unless you want to add them
  • Cardstock and a printer as well as a pen, scissors, and adhesive. Optional items include a variety of art mediums, though you can adapt the processes to any thing that you have
  • Most importantly, an open mind and heart
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