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Storytelling With Week In The Life™

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Storytelling with Week In The Life™ is designed to get you in the mood for documenting a seven day period in your life. 

Curious about Week In The Life™ generally? You can read more about the project here

This workshop is modeled after the popular Storytelling With December Daily® and Storytelling With Project Life® workshops and is designed to walk you through all the facets of the project in an way that encourages and empowers you to be the boss of your own storytelling experience. 

Here's a look at what will be covered in the workshop:      

Lesson One | Looking Back: Video walk-throughs of all my past Week In The Life™ albums along with thoughts on what Ali's learned over the years

Lesson Two | Before Documenting: Establishing your mindset, setting up your Design + Story Plans (based on what's most important to you to document in any given season)

Lesson Three | During Documenting: Tips and ideas for capturing your words + photos during the actual week

Lesson Four | After Documenting: Bringing your words + photos into your album (basically how to tackle completing the project after you've collected all your content)

This workshop isn't specific to any documenting year and is meant to be a more comprehensive + evergreen look at the project/process as a whole. Ali won't be making an album in this workshop but will share images and ideas based on her years of completing the project to give you confidence in your own direction. 

Ali will continue to share to her annual documenting plans for this project each year on her blog. Her hope is that you'll be encouraged, inspired and empowered to approach telling the story of your week based on your own season of life.

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Class taught by: Ali Edwards
Class starts April 15th

What you'll learn

  • Creating a Story Plan
  • Creating a Design Plan 
  • Specific story + photo ideas to include in your project 
  • Tips for how to experience your week while documenting
  • Ideas + suggestions about how to approach bringing all your content together after the documenting week is complete
  • Encouragement + inspiration for creating your own personal process that works for you

What you'll get

  • Full color PDF handouts
  • Digital Layered Template (originally from 2019 which has been updated without dates)
  • Keynote presentations 
  • Gallery for sharing ideas + images
  • Worksheets for note taking

What you'll need

  • A willingness to look back + ahead
  • Enthusiasm for bringing structure + organization to the different facets of this project
  • Pen for taking notes

Class Schedule

  1. Apr 15
    Class begins
    9:30AM EDT
  2. Apr 15
    Looking Back
    9:30AM EDT
    We begin by looking back at all my past Week In The Life™ projects + talk about lessons learned.
  3. Apr 15
    Before The Documenting Week
    9:30AM EDT
    Establishing A Mindset + A Design Plan + A Story Plan
  4. Apr 19
    During The Documenting Week
    3:00AM EDT
    A Daily Plan, The Words + Photos
  5. Apr 26
    After The Documenting Week
    3:00AM EDT
    Establish a work flow to get your content into an album + finish this project.
  6. Apr 26
    Past WITL Post Archive
    6:00AM EDT
    Click here to see a list of past blog posts related to this project.
  7. May 17
    Bonus Lesson | Jessica Luther
    3:00AM EDT
    Join Jessica who is sharing her process for bringing together her words and photos.
  8. May 22
    Bonus Lesson | Susan Brochu
    3:00AM EDT
    Join Susan who is sharing her process for bringing together her words and photos.
  9. May 24
    Bonus Lesson | Linda Jordan
    3:00AM EDT
    Join Linda who is sharing her process for bringing together her words, photos, and ephemera.
  10. May 26
    Bonus Lesson | Elizabeth Heinz
    3:00AM EDT
    Join Elizabeth who is sharing her best tips and practices for completing her projects.